While I’ve shuddered at some of my outfit choices in my youth, I’ve never actually balked at the beauty or grooming decisions I’ve made in my life. I’ve had one bad haircut in adulthood that I easily disguised by tying up my hair, and I’ve had stick thin eyebrows. That, let’s face it, everybody rocked one point of time or another.

From the first time I picked up Maybelline eyeshadow sticks when I was 16 (they were in icy purple and shimmery brown and the colours are still trendy today), my choices have always been safe and pretty — never edgy or experimental. And while that’s not a bad thing, I’ve recently found myself, now in my thirties, wishing that I had pushed the boundaries a little more.

I’m experiencing beauty FOMO for all the things I’ve never tried, or messed up. I’ve never coloured my hair from a box dye kit purchased at the drugstore and heck, I’ve never had hair that’s not jet black. My lip colours are always a safe shade range, never anything radical. I wish I had a pixie cut when my cheekbones were sharp enough to cut glass, or permed my hair when I was really into my Pam Grier phase. I should have used the body glitter when I was actually going out to party.

Does age determine what kind of beauty experiments you should get into? I don’t want to be ageist, but at least for me, it becomes quite impractical. You can’t dust yourself with Victoria’s Secret model-worthy glitter dust when you have an infant strapped to you. Radical hair colours don’t quite take precedence because that would equate sitting in a salon for hours, and I ain’t got time for all of that.

So maybe I’ll always have FOMO for all the beauty experiments I’ve never tried, and all the beauty mistakes I’ve never made, but that also means that my child will never look at photo of me and ask what I was thinking. The photos with my pink velour Juicy Couture jumpsuit will do the job perfectly.