Officially opened in the upscale Bukit Timah district last month, Sugar(ed) is a professional hair removal studio that specialises in sugaring, which entails using a sugar paste to remove ingrown hairs and dead skin cells. Its founder Jasmine Yong, who first stumbled upon the technique while she was living in the USA, is professionally certified from the Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring institute in America and considers it a gentler and more effective form of epilation.


How the hair removal process works: A water-soluble paste made from sugar – it has the deep yellow hue of honey and a similarly sticky, viscous quality – is first spread onto skin at body temperature (which means there will be no risk of burns or blisters), then flicked off in the natural direction of hair growth to remove hair from their roots. This ensures fewer ingrown hairs and less hair breakage. Plus, the same technique can be applied on the face, and supposedly aids in removing blackheads too.

Apart from face and body sugaring services, the studio also offers more pampering treatments like mud wraps and body scrubs. Prices are surprisingly affordable here, too: They range from $50 to $70 for a full face to $60 for a Brazilian and $80 for full legs. #02-02 Second Avenue Junction, tel: 6816-6288


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