transversal serums

transversal serums

What a transversal serum is

I’ve been a huge fan of transversal serums since they stormed the beauty world six years ago. I’ve reaped a myriad of benefits from using them, from calming my sensitive skin to preventing breakouts and even boosting radiance.

If you’re a beauty junkie, you’d probably also have heard of – or used – a transversal serum. Yes, I’m talking about that wonder serum that promises to provide a multitude of benefits for all skin types. Since its “birth”, these serums have been continuously gaining popularity, and more and more beauty brands are hopping onto the bandwagon every year.

So what exactly is a transversal serum? Dr Georgia Lee, GP with an interest in aesthetics, describes it as a serum that has “a wide range of functions and can help enhance the effects of the skincare applied after”.

It’s suitable for all skin types

But with all the different multi-tasking serums available in the market today, what really sets transversal serums apart from others? The main difference: these are suitable for all skin types and targets overall skin health, rather than specific concerns. By going deeper into skin and addressing issues such as ageing genes or unresponsive cells, they create an ideal environment for skin to flourish and consequently look fresher and more radiant. Plus, problems such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, open pores and rough texture also tend to improve when skin function is boosted.

Another characteristic is that they work well with others. Leona Low, Clarins’ training and customer care manager, explains that “transversal serums like our Double Serum can easily be added to any skincare regime as they generally offer complementary actions rather than conflicting ones.” This makes them the ideal choice of serum for women are looking to try out a new serum but aren’t keen on changing their entire skincare ritual. Compared to other serums, they also tend to be more lightweight and penetrate faster, to allow for layering on.

It helps to boost skin health

Healthier skin is more responsive and able to absorb the rest of your skincare better, which increases their efficacy. Because of this, they should be the first skincare product you use after cleansing and toning.

Many transversal serums may be linked to words like “anti-ageing” or “young skin”, but their main aim is actually to bring your skin cells to their healthiest stage and perform at their optimum potential. That’s why everyone can use it, simply because they target overall skin health and you don’t have to have a specific problem to fix to start using one. For women in their early 20s, they can help to maintain skin’s youthful condition and act as a preventive measure against ageing.

What we recommend

Lancome’s reformulated Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, first launched in 2009, promises to treat a spectrum of complexion concerns like fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture. Dior’s Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum has also been a success for the brand, becoming one of their most popular products. The franchise has even expanded to include an eye serum and a mask.


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