itchy scalps

The Causes

Today, more and more people claim to suffer from sensitivity in their scalp despite having a relatively healthy complexion. One reason is because our scalp secretes sebum and sweat to form an acid mantle that helps protect against bacteria. When this balance is upset, skin may become dry and sensitive, which can later lead to soreness, tenderness, itchiness and flaking.

Age, stress, excessive travelling and pollution are all factors that can cause or aggravate sensitivity, which might be another reason why scalp irritation has been on the rise. However, some people are simply born with dry and sensitive skin, like eczema. Generally, such people have under-active sebaceous glands that do not secrete sufficient sebum. This results in drier skin which tends to be very itchy.

Singapore’s hot and humid weather is another factor why this condition is so common. Humidity often causes us to perspire, which releases a toxin in our body that causes itchiness. On top of that, the use of unsuitable hair care products and medication can also cause the development of scalp irritation.

The Solutions

itchy scalps PHS soothing scalp shampoo cleanser

We find PHS Hairscience’s ADV Soothing Scalp Cleanser ($39) an effective shampoo for calming skin. Enriched with plant botanicals to moisturise, it also helps to combat inflammation and lessen itchiness.

On top of using the right products, changing your lifestyle habits and diet is also a way to soothe your scalp. Dairy products like cheese, white wine and champagne are known to aggravate sensitive scalps. And of course, cutting down chemical treatments such as hair colouring, bleaching and rebonding is a must.


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