They’re not the sexiest body part to talk about but armpits tend to be one of the most neglected bits of the body. Yes, they get lasered, IPLed, scrubbed and sprayed but did you know that there’s more to taking care of your pits? While sweating is a crucial bodily function to eliminate toxins, the sweat produced from our underarms contains fats and proteins that interact with bacteria on our skin, causing a scent that most of us try to avoid.

Yes but sweating is unavoidable so…

Unfortunately, we’ve been socially conditioned that pit stains and a sweat-free armpit is the way to go, and in a climate like ours and with fashion trends swinging towards knit tanks, toga tops and bare arm summer styles, it’s close to impossible. Of course, that’s where antiperspirants come in. They work by preventing sweat from occurring by blocking your pores, so while it does leave you dry on the outside, it lets in some serious toxins into your body, one of which is almost always aluminium zirconium.

What’s the big deal about aluminium zirconium?

It is a big deal, especially when it comes to something you apply every day. It not only inhibits the body’s natural detox process, but it also may trigger your body to produce even more sweat to push through the blocked-up sweat glands. Scientific research has also suggested a link between aluminium and breast cancer, endocrine disruption and even Alzheimer’s disease, which raises a concern about where these metals go once applied to the body.

What can you do?

We don’t mean to scare you but you can start by switching to a clean deodorant, one without aluminium. If you’re switching, you’ll find that baking soda and arrowroot tend to be the base ingredients to absorb excess sweat, and some have essential oils to help you smell better. You’ll find that you might need to re-apply after a sweat session, but you may also end up sweating less than you have in years since your body can actually eliminate sweat properly!