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Everything You Need To Know About Using Overnight Sleeping Masks And Why We Love Them

We love using sheet masks but overnight sleeping masks are often our go-to whenever we are strapped for time. And if you're still unsure of how it works, here's what Senior Vice-President and Research Director of Amorepacific's Skincare Research Division Brian Suh has to say about it.

On how sleeping masks came about

Brian Suh (BS): “We found out that people who are deprived of sleep have duller, dehydrated skin as compared to those who get a good night sleep. Thus, we started researching on sleeping time periods and found out that our skin is the most reactive after midnight (we like to call it the golden hour). This then led to the creation of sleeping masks, which was a new category we introduced.”

The thought process when developing sleeping masks

BS: “The three key ideas we have when creating any type of sleeping masks are first, the effectiveness of the ingredients – so how they work together to purify and soothe our skin overnight. Secondly, we always ensure the texture is really comfortable and lightweight. For this to happen, we introduced the Moisture Wrap Technology. Lastly, the scent and the fragrance. We have done studies and research on how particular scents can help us sleep better and relieve our stress, which led to the creation of our patented technology known as Sleep Scent.”

Benefits of a sleeping mask that many women are not aware of

BS: “The emotional and psychological benefit it has. It really goes beyond just skincare – we place a lot of importance on helping one get a good night’s rest to enhance her skin condition. We have done a lot of research to see the effectiveness of the fragrance and how it can bring benefits to the skin. These aromas can actually have psychological and emotional benefits as well.”