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The treatment

The 120-minute facial begins with a relaxing head and shoulder massage, as well as cleansing and exfoliating (extraction included). Next, the therapist applies a clarifying toner on face and starts the first oxygen infusion treatment using a handheld device that pushes oxygen into skin (which reportedly helps rejuvenate skin) for 10 minutes. An oxygen-infused mist is then sprayed over the face for the next 10 minutes. Thereafter, the therapist gives me a face and shoulder massage, and after the products are washed off, a cooling mask is applied onto skin, along with an oxygen mask strapped over my nose and mouth (so I breathe in clean, pure air throughout this 15-minute segment). After the masks are taken off, it ends with the therapist applying skincare – a hydrating toner, eye cream and sunblock – all over face and neck.

The verdict

My skin appeared clearer and brighter post-treatment and also felt smoother. My dark circles also appeared slightly less obvious. I particularly enjoyed filling my lungs with pure oxygenated air (after all, it’s an experience that doesn’t happen often in our polluted environment). From $380, TaraBliss (#05/06-00 Chan Brothers Building), tel: 6336-9274 


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Like this? This Clarins facial solves everything from dullness to dark spots and even dehydration.