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Want Smooth Skin? These Are The Best Places For Painless Hair Removal

Go from “oww” to “ooh”.

As with many other things in life, beauty-related or not, we are spoiled for choice. This includes everything from cereal choices, cars and of course, how we choose to get rid of hair on our body. When it comes to hair removal, most women are familiar with methods like shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading, IPL or lasers — all commonly used methods in modern day hair removal. While it usually depends on the area of hair removal, there are also a few other factors to consider, like skin tone, pain threshold and the duration of treatment course. Here, we zoom into the technologies that promise a painless experience so you can emerge with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom with zero discomfort.

STRIP Powerpac Hair Removal, prices range from $642 for six sessions for the upper lip

Using the patented Advanced Fluorescence Technology that’s exclusive to STRIP, the Powerpac Hair Removal service involves using specially filtered light to weaken hair follicles to delay hair re-growth. Touted as the next-generation semi-permanent hair removal technology, it works by using a gradual heat system to emit heat energy in a series of pulses so that the accumulated energy level destroys hair follicles specifically without damaging surrounding tissues.

In contrast, conventional IPL works by emitting sharp bursts of energy which can cause a stinging and prickly sensation. Expect nothing more than a gentle warming sensation not unlike a hot stone massage with Powerpac.  The applicator used in Powerpac is also larger than most other applicators, which means a larger area can be targeted at any one time, thereby shortening the duration of each session.

ESTHECLINIC Silky Smooth IPL Hair Removal Treatment, from $98

Using a patented No Pain System (NPS) technology that ESTHECLINIC has developed in-house, it effectively weakens hair follicles pain-free even without the application of any numbing cream. Thanks to its safe yet powerful IPL technology, only the hair follicle is targeted by gradually heating the skin’s dermis while your other tissues remain undamaged so there is no down time whatsoever. And even though this hair removal treatment is not suitable for those with naturally blonde or red hair, it is suitable for people with darker skin tones.

Plus, your skin will not become more sensitised to UV rays so you can return to your daily activities immediately. A series of follow-up treatments every four to six weeks are usually recommended for long-lasting results.

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