park shin hye

On how she takes care of her lips

Park Shin Hye (PSH): “I really don’t have an elaborate procedure for my lips. I don’t really enjoy wearing heavy makeup when I’m not working so I will consistently use a moisturising lip balm. Other than that, I don’t really have a special method.”

Beauty and skincare must haves when travelling

PSH: “The Mamonde Rose Water toner is a must-have when I travel. I prefer going to warmer countries although I get tanned easily and sometimes even get rashes, sun burns or allergies. So to prevent that, I will soak cotton pads with the toner and put it in the fridge before using it as a mask to cool my skin down. The Mamonde Cover Powder cushion and sunscreen are also must-haves as I do not like to put on too much makeup so I usually just apply those two products as my base. Lip tints are also a must for me.”

Her favourite Mamonde product

PSH: “I actually used some of the products prior to becoming the brand’s ambassador. I really like the Rose Water toner and also the Rose Soothing gel.”

One skincare product she can’t live without

PSH: “Moisturiser.”

One makeup product she can’t live without

PSH: “That would have to be lipsticks as I love wearing lip tints and lipsticks.  Also, when you look at all the lip products there are just so many different types of finishes to them.”

Go-to makeup look in the summer

PSH: “In the summer, the biggest problem I face is oiliness and ensuring my makeup lasts till the end of the day. I try not to wear too much base makeup, especially on hotter days. I tend to skip drawing eyeliner and pay more attention to using just waterproof mascara. I also pay more attention to my lips to brighten my complexion.”

In-flight skincare essentials

PSH: “When I’m on the plane I don’t wear any makeup so I always remove it all before getting on. I focus on keeping my skin hydrated so I apply a lot of moisturiser and sometimes even use a hydrating mask.”

park shin hye

Best beauty advice she has ever received

PSH: “Base makeup is actually more important than anything else. The focus is to make it as thin, as natural and as hydrating as possible.”

One beauty advice she would tell her younger self

PSH: “I will definitely tell my younger self to focus on keeping my skin moisturised and clean, which essentially is cleansing my skin after removing makeup.”

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