#1: Hydration is (so) important

Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, which is why it’s crucial to double up on hydration during the hectic party season. As I have combination skin, using a thick or heavy cream is not ideal so I prefer layering hydrating toners to ensure my skin stays plump and moisturised without feeling sticky or greasy.

#2: Remember to use an eye cream… Consistently

If you have not already included eye creams into your regime, it’s time you do. Lack of sleep just means puffy peepers and eyebags. To combat that, apply an eye cream that is packed with skin-loving ingredients to instantly depuff, fade away dark eye circles and treat common signs of ageing like fine lines. After all, the skin around your eyes is the most delicate so it’s important to always take care of them.

#3: You need to exfoliate

Besides being exposed to harmful environmental aggressors when out at a beach party, you’re also not going to get enough sleep. When this happens, there will likely be a buildup of dead skin cells. The result: a dull, lifeless complexion. To regain (and retain) your skin’s radiance, exfoliating is key. If scrubs are too harsh for you, try using skincare products that contain AHA and BHA, which are gentle chemical exfoliants.

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#4: Strengthen your skin’s barrier function

At ZoukOut, your skin is exposed to tons of harmful environmental stressors, which may cause damage to your skin. Besides protecting it, you need to prevent it by strengthening your skin’s barrier function so it is more resilient and less prone to unnecessary breakouts.

#5: We recommend you skip using a foundation

Singapore’s biggest beach music festival lasts for 10 hours. In that time span, you’ll probably be perspiring and wearing a full coverage foundation may not necessarily be ideal. Your skin will not be able to breathe, causing it stress, which then leads to breakouts and other common skin concerns. Instead, apply a tinted moisturiser or just a concealer to cover any imperfections and even out skin tone.

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#6: A setting spray and primer are lifesavers

If you worry that your makeup is unable to last through the night, remember to use a setting spray. It prevents makeup from sliding off after being outdoors for hours. Plus, primers can even minimise the appearance of pores, blur wrinkles, even out skin tone and of course, allow your foundation to remain budge-proof and last throughout the day.

#7: As well as blotting paper

After a few hours of dancing by the beach with thousands of other people in a hot and humid environment, it is likely your skin will start producing oil. And when that happens, your makeup will begin to slip and slide. Thus, bringing along a blotting paper will help get rid of the excess sebum while ensuring your makeup stays in place so you are always ready for that Instagram shot.

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#8: Tinted lip balms, lip tints and lipsticks with tattoo-like formulas are your best friends

Reapplying your lipstick during the festival is quite a hassle. Imagine having to whip out your lippie with one hand (and a drink on the other), swamped with other party-goers right beside you and plus, you do not even have a mirror to ensure your lipstick application goes smoothly. So of course, it is important to opt for lip products that stain your puckers or come with long-lasting, budge-proof formulas that will last through the night.

#9: Do a thorough double cleanse

After the festival has ended, your skin needs a whole lot of TLC. The first – and one of the most important – step is to double cleanse. This ensures that you thoroughly get rid of all the dirt, grime and gunk on the surface of your skin.

#10: Use a purifying or deep cleansing mask

To thoroughly unclog pores and ensure your skin is free from all the dirt, apply a clay mask. Not only do they decongest pores, some even help to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and even hydrate your skin.

Main image: Showbit.com