1. 1. When it comes to party makeup, eyeliners are a must. But our humidity (and dancing the night away) can sometimes cause eye pencils to become too creamy and smudgy. To prevent that, leave them in your fridge about 30 minutes before you intend to use it. It will help you achieve a thinner, cleaner line that lasts for longer.

2. Want your holiday nail polish to last? You can hide chipped nails by adding a layer of glittery polish on the top. The texture helps to conceal any imperfections and looks really festive.

3. If you’re going to be party hopping over the Christmas weekend, then a great way of reviving your mid-day makeup is simply to blot. It removes excess oil so skin looks fresh and clean without disturbing your original do.

4. You’re probably going to have a lot of late nights hanging out with friends and family our the holiday season, which often equals panda eyes the morning after. When hiding dark circles, only apply concealer on areas with discolouration, not the entire undereye area, as that can actually accentuate the shadows.

5. Alcohol and sugary drinks are great and fun, but please remember to drink enough water. The fluids might not be able to keep skin hydrated but they help to flush out toxins that can cause inflammation and blemishes.

6. Everyone knows that having sufficient sleep will give you a healthy, rosy complexion. But chances are, you won’t be able to clock the necessary seven hours in dreamland. And because sleep deprivation can actually lower circulation, which makes you look pale and washed out the morning after, a fast way to look fresh on minimal sleep and reduce puffiness in the morning is with a cold shower. And if you can’t do it, at least make sure the last 20 seconds of your bath with cold water.

  1. 7. You’re probably going to be applying a ton of lipstick for your party makeup looks (we know we will). But that can actually dry your puckers. An easy way to treat this is to always apply a thin layer of balm before lipstick. It helps to smooth the lips and allow colour pigments go on more evenly.

8. Planning on dancing the night away in sky high heels? Then don’t forget to apply baby powder all over your feet before you wear your shoes. They act like invisible socks to reduce sweat and protect your skin from friction, which can lead to cracked heels and roughness.

  1. 9. You’re probably going to be taking a ton of photos during the holiday season. #memories And if like us, you always seem to have a double chin in photos, apply bronzer to your jawline and blend. It’ll help to hide the flaw.

10. People tend to overcompensate when they don’t have enough sleep by piling on more concealer and foundation. The problem is skin tends to be drier when it’s tired, which can cause makeup to look cakey. A better alternative – a tinted moisturiser to hide and hydrate at the same time, so you look dewy and flawless.

11. We get puffy eyes in the morning because fluid flows to the under eye area when we lay down. And this worsens when we’ve been drinking or don’t have enough rest. To prevent it, sleep with a thicker pillow to elevate your head.

12. If your complexion looks tired and dull, choose either a bright colour blush or lipstick to brighten up your entire face. It’s fast and fuss-free. We love a cherry red.

  1. 13. Planning on staying out the whole night? Then you’ll probably want to refresh your makeup in the middle of the day. A fast way to do so: spritz on facial mist then pat off the excess with a tissue. Finish up with a light layer of loose powder. Done!

Images: Showbit.com

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