skincare tips #1: Clean off your makeup

No matter how tired or lazy you are after an entire day of partying and dancing to your favourite tunes, removing your makeup is a step that you should never skip. Sleeping with a full face of makeup has a number of negative side effects, like breakouts, clogged pores and stressing skin. Try to use a cleansing oil first as it helps to hydrate your skin without stripping off any essential oils. After that, remember to double cleanse with a gel or foam cleanser to ensure your skin is squeaky clean.

#2: Exfoliate your skin

If your skin feels especially grimy or dirty, then try exfoliating. A full day of makeup can leave your skin feeling clogged, which is why it is crucial to exfoliate to get rid of surface dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe. As your skin may be extra sensitive after being exposed to the sun, make sure you opt for one that is super gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

#3: Do not skip your toner

A toner not only helps to hydrate, calm, soothe and balance out your skin’s pH level, it is also considered a final “cleansing” step. Your skin’s pH level may increase when you’re outdoors under the heat for hours. Thus, using a toner that helps lower your skin’s pH level will help strengthen your skin’s moisture levels and allow your skin to absorb the rest of your skincare products more effectively and efficiently.

#4: Use a brightening product

Dull, tired-out skin is a common concern after a full day of partying, which is why it is important to add a brightening product into your regime. Whether it’s a serum or moisturiser, as long as you’ve got a product that will help promote long-lasting radiance and give skin luminosity, you’re good to go.

#5: An overnight sleeping mask is a must

Alcohol and partying can dehydrate skin. So we recommend applying a leave-on sleeping mask to give your complexion a much-needed boost of hydration as you snooze. They help to replenish your skin with the moisture it needs so you wake up with plumper, dewier and an overall healthier looking complexion. Bonus: it’s hassle-free as you don’t have to remove it or wash it off – it’s just like applying another moisturiser.

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