#1 Toothpaste cleans your teeth but dries out your lips, so apply lip balm after you brush.

#2 If you like to go heavy on mascara and liner, switch from black to brown. The latter gives a much softer effect, so you won’t look too “done”.

#3 When applying eyeshadow with a brush or sponge, always start from the middle of your lids. With a larger surface area of skin compared to the corners, you have more room to blend – and more leeway for errors.

#4 An old, near-forgotten practice that deserves a revival: brushing hair from root to tip every night. This helps to evenly distribute the natural oils from the scalp, so hair looks glossier.

#5 No quick-dry topcoat? A natural way to dry painted nails fast: Dunk them in ice-cold water

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#6 Never, ever squeeze a pimple because you could damage the surrounding tissue. Teenage skin might recover and heal without scarring, but once you hit your 20s, this isn’t likely.

#7 Unless they’re extremely sparse, never draw completely over your eyebrows. You get a more natural and modern look by just filling in any gaps.

#8 A simple guideline to getting the right shade of colour corrector: Green hides red (pimples or blotchy skin), pink cancels out brown (pigmentation and spots), and purple neutralises yellow tones.

#9 To prevent pencil or crayon liners from smudging, apply eyeshadow over the line.

#10 If you’re worried about sagging, avoid high-impact cardio, which can loosen tissue. Instead, cycle or use an elliptical machine.

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