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Chanel Just Launched One Of The Prettiest Makeup Collections Ever

Inspired by Naples, the home city of Lucia Pica, Chanel’s global creative makeup and colour designer, the Neapolis (which means ‘new city’, to reflect Naples’ origins as an ancient Greek colony looked through the eyes of Pica in a fresh way) collection is colourful, fun and yet still romantic and pretty.

Naples’ rich in history and ever-changing landscape, and the warm and unexpectedly Mediterranean approach to the antique yet utterly contemporary homes in the city, provided the inspiration for colours, moods and techniques. Think pastel seafoam green and sunny yellow, bright cherry and sweet peach, shades that are both gorgeous yet utterly wearable.

The Chanel Neapolis collection will be available from 28th December 2017.

#1: Les 9 Ombres Palette Edition No1 in Affresco, $139
“All the elements of Naples are in here,” says Lucia Pica of this palette, the most generous Chanel eyeshadow compact to date. The palette is a play on texture as well as colour: there are three matte,  three satin and three high-shine shades, all soft and extremely blendable. The universally flattering shades range from brighter to more muted tones, reflecting Naples and its myriad influences: ancient and modern, sacred and sensual, historical and alive. A bright green sits alongside a faded grey-green. A luminous peachy beige is tempered by a subtle mink brown. A bright gold sings out beside a dark rusty-red brown. Each colour can be traced back to a visionary moment on Lucia Pica’s Neapolitan journey, from volcanic rocks to the sea at nightfall. #2: (L to R) Rouge Allure Ink in #164 Entusiasta and #166 Etera, $50 each
For something more vivid and bold, try Entusiasta – a matte orange. If you prefer a sweeter look, go for the peach pink Eterea. #3: (L to R) Rouge Coco Gloss in #792 Aphrodite, #794 Poppea, #786 Sibylla and #788 Parthenope, $48 each
We are loving the glisteningly ethereal shades of the weightless Rouge Coco Gloss. Our favourites include the limited edition Parthenope, a nude peachy caramel, and Aphrodite, a watery baby blue that can be worn alone or layered over a brighter lip colour. #4: (L to R) Le Vernis in # 588 Nuvola Rosa, #590 Verde Pastello, #592 Giallo Napoli and #634 Arancio Vibrante, $39 each
Nails are the best way to play with colour. With this collection, Lucia Pica has created her first pastel polishes, including Nuvola Rosa, a pastel pink cloud and Verde Pastello, a delicate mint green. For women who prefer something stronger, there’s also bright orange with Arancio Vibrante. Giallo Napoli’s ‘bright Naples yellow’ refers to the famous shade used in paints. #5: (L to R) Poudre A Levres in #410 Rosso Pompeiano, #418 Rosa Tempera and #415 Rosso Parthenope, $53 each
These entirely new and artisanal lip pigments take a cue from the colours and tempera technique of Pompeiian frescoes. A powder is mixed by the wearer with a balm, generating a blurred, painterly effect – with as much or as little intensity of colour as desired. #6: Ombre Premiere Creme in #824 Verderame, $53
For a more intense eye, try this exceptional dusty grey-green cream eye shadow with a subtle metallic sheen, which looks beautiful worn alone or layered beneath the shadows in the eye palette. #7: Joues Contraste in #430 Foschia Rosa, $72
Inspired by the view of the mountains view at sunset, this limited edition blush in Foschia Rosa is a poetic dusting of pink that will instantly brighten the complexion. Like this? Check out the new Korean skincare brand everyone is talking about, adorable beauty gifts under $20 and ultra hydrating moisturisers to take with you on your winter holiday.