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Being a beauty junkie, one of my main priorities whenever I am heading out to a party is making sure my foundation does not budge. I know, it may sound a little foolish but really, looking presentable is key and having my makeup slide off halfway through the party is a huge beauty woe for me. And with the festive season upon us (read: a ton of parties and night shindigs to go to), you really want your makeup to last through the night. Besides just using setting sprays and a good primer, here are four other tips that’ll have your foundation stay on longer.

#1: Skincare is everything

It is always important to start with a good base, which means applying the proper skincare products to ensure your skin feels soft, smooth and plump. Use products that will deliver long-lasting moisture to your skin so that it is well-hydrated through the night. PS: alcohol tends to dry out complexions too.

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#2: Spritz on your setting spray twice

This is one step I always do whenever I prep for a night’s out. After applying my concealer and foundation, I will spritz on one coat of setting spray and use my beauty blender to buff it in before applying loose powder. After I am done with my entire makeup look, I will then apply another layer to lock it in. I personally feel that this double layer action has helped prolong my foundation wear and I do not have to reapply through the night.

#3: Apply a thin layer of foundation

No one wants their foundation to look cakey so it is important to start off by applying a thin layer first. I prefer applying a light layer of concealer to just cover up any redness and scars, before going in with a foundation. That way, I only have to apply a light amount of foundation.

#4: Baking

And no, we don’t mean that literally. Baking your makeup is a quick and fast trick to achieving a flawless base that actually lasts. All you have to do is use a damp sponge (I use my beautyblender) before dipping it into the translucent powder of your choice and pack it over the area you wish to bake. I tend to apply mine under my eyes and across my nose bridge. Leave the powder on for about five to 10 minutes (I continue doing my eyeshadow while waiting) before dusting it off with a powder brush. This essentially helps to set your base makeup, leaving it creaseless and perfect.

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