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This Quick Facial Will Give You A More Lifted And Younger Looking Appearance

Founded in 2014 by global pop-culture icon, Madonna and renowned Japanese beauty company MTG, MDNA Skin has recently opened its first-ever pop-up counter at Takashimaya Level 1. Besides just purchasing its awesome products, there's even a quick facial you can treat yourself to. Bonus: its free of charge.

The Treatment

The 30-minute facial starts off with a cleanse. The therapist then spritzes The Rose Mist, which doubles up as a hydrating toner onto my skin before applying The Chrome Clay Mask that’s made with olive oil and Montecatini clay to hydrate, remove impurities and regulate skin cell’s turnover rate. The mask is left on for three to five minutes. She then uses a device known as The Skin Rejuvenator, which consists of a magnetic and deep infusion head on each end. The magnetic side is used to remove the clay mask. Once done, she applies The Rose Mist once again and The Serum before using the deep infusion side that contains negatively charged ions to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for better results. To end of the treatment, The Eye Serum and Finishing Cream are applied.

The Verdict 

I really like how this only takes half an hour yet gives instant results. My face looked visibly slimmer and more lifted while my skin felt smooth and plump. It is perfect for those who want a quick perk-me-up during lunch breaks. MDNA Skin Counter (Level 1, Takashimaya D.C)

#1: Chrome Clay Mask, $330
This non-drying clay mask contains mineral-rich Montecatini clay to draw out dirt and grime while promoting moisture retention. It also contains the brand’s M.T.Parca Thermal Water, which hydrates, nourishes and boosts radiance and clarity. #2: The Serum, $370
Known as Madonna’s secret to achieving softer, smoother and younger-looking skin, this power serum is made with three types of hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. It is also infused with peptides and antioxidant-rich ingredients to brighten and plump up complexions. #3: The Eye Serum, $280
Hydrating bio-saccharides and hyaluronic acid replenish and lock in moisture to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the peepers. Antioxidant-rich lotus extracts protect skin from reactive oxygen and other environmental stressors.       #4: The Rose Mist, $185
This revitalising rose mist can also be used as a hydrating toner. A calming blend of wild and Damascus rose essential oils provide a soothing scent that’s calming and not too overpowering. #5: The Eye Mask, $160 for a pack of 12
A triple layer eye mask that’s made from a thin microfiber to soothe, cool and treat dark eye circles. Each mask holds enough moisture for an intense 30-minute treatment. #6: The Finishing Cream, $400
This is saturated with a high concentration of the brand’s M.T.Parca Thermal Water to nourish and hydrate complexions, improving skin’s overall clarity, radiance and elasticity. The cream also has a slight shimmer to imbue luminosity and a fresh glow.