Okay, okay we get it – you must be thinking, “another Korean skincare trend?” Well, we, too, are pretty overwhelmed by the number of quirky skincare habits the South Koreans can come up with. And if you have been keeping up with this space (and you ought to), then you probably have already seen our stories on the glass and honey skin craze, as well as the seven-step toner method (yes, we really mean it literally). But if you’ve not read up on those, here’s a quick rundown.

Just like how a piece of glass is smooth, reflective and clear, glass skin refers to a hydrated, translucent and luminous complexion with just the right amount of sheen. Honey skin, on the other hand, refers to a complexion that’s plump, dewy and healthy-looking. Lastly, the seven-step toner is pretty literal – applying a hydrating toner seven times to maximise skin hydration and give your complexion an intense glow. While these K-beauty trends are quite similar, each is unique on its own but essentially, achieving good, clear skin is the ultimate goal for all Koreans (and anyone who’s into beauty, really).

But now, there are two new trends you need to get on your radar. First up, the toner wash method.

So we all know how double cleansing works – you apply an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based one. And now (instead of just stopping there), it’s time to do the toner wash method. Considered this as the third step of cleansing and ideal for those who have a dry complexion. How it works: get a bowl full of water and mix in your favourite hydrating toner (the recommended ratio is one part toner and nine parts water). Proceed to splash the concoction all over your skin, and that’s it. It reportedly helps skin to better absorb nutrients and gives it a boost of hydration while even clearing up acne. So if you thought applying a toner seven times on your skin was extra, this really takes the cake. Below are the hydrating toners we feel suits this method best.

Next up, cloudless skin (someone seriously needs to give the Koreans an award for the many ways they can describe good skin). Unlike glass and honey skin, which focuses on achieving a dewy, plump complexion, this new craze is all about getting clear and healthy skin. It’s not just about using a single product or method, it’s an entire practice to achieve brighter, acne-free skin. Not only that, keeping a good diet and balanced lifestyle is also key as when you’re stressed and constantly bogged down with work and other responsibilities, it will show on your skin. So if you’ve got dark spots, dull, acne-prone skin and redness, here are some of the best products to help treat them.

Main image: Showbit.com