It’s not exactly easy to get men interested in grooming, but Redken Brews just might have done the trick. Its range of haircare is formulated with crafted malt to strengthen and nourish hair, as well as treat the scalp, while the packaging is made of 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and shaped like beer bottles. Cute, huh?

There are three different shampoos in the Redken Brews haircare line. The Daily Shampoo ($29) cleanses strands without stripping it of moisture or leaving the scalp feeling dry or tight. Great for daily use, it has a lightweight formula that keeps hair manageable and fresh.

For oily scalps, try the Extra Clean Shampoo ($29). It’s great for men who find their hair turning greasy, and helps to remove dirt, oil and build-up from styling products. This will definitely be popular in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Our team’s favourite, however, is the Mint Shampoo ($29) which creates an invigorating lather with a minty, cooling sensation that soothes the scalp. It has an energizing and refreshing mint scent, and is even infused with menthol to stimulate the scalp and calm any irritation.