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Confession: I’m a simple – some might even say ‘kiasu’ – person: I see the words ‘limited edition makeup’ and I get excited. Then the nerves set in. Can my bank account handle it? Do I really need more facepaint? (My mind always says no, but my heart usually wins.) In the case of the new Peace, Love, Beach collection from Bobbi Brown, the answer is “kind of”. Hear me out.

What’s the Peace, Love, Beach collection about?

Just like the name suggests, it’s a collection that’s all about celebrating summer beauty trends: Think dewy complexion, a healthy glow and a ‘natural’ look. The collection includes two nail polish shades, three eyeshadow trios and, of course, three highlighter shades. After all, what would a summer beauty collection be without a J-Lo glow, right?

Now, if you’ll allow me a moment of practicality, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that these products are all sold separately. Hardcore makeup collectors might find that to be a bit of a hindrance, but it affords the regular buyer (me!) the choice to purchase the specific shade(s) and products they actually will use.

Eyeshadow trio

As mentioned, there are three eyeshadow trios that perfectly capture the theme of the collection: Love (brown), Peace (blue) and Beach (bronze) – essentially, all the colours that remind you of the beach. Yes, you’re reading right: Bobbi Brown, the brand that comes to mind when you think of ‘natural’ looks, has come up with a blue-toned eyeshadow trio. And guess what? The blue palette perfectly straddles the line of being a nice addition to the usual Bobbi Brown colours without venturing too far from their signature style.

The darker hues in each respective trio are pigmented enough to show up with one dip of the brush into the pan. But if you’re looking to deepen the colour on your crease, you will need to layer the product, which will be easy given the blendable formula of the eyeshadows.

Side note: If you’re not one to be adventurous with your makeup looks or if you’re looking for an all-in-one palette, I’d suggest the Love trio. The warm hues are flattering for most skin tones and you can definitely create a complete look with the three wearable shades.

Of course, since we’re talking about summer beauty, the trios are chock full of metallics and shimmers. And while you would assume that the formula would be a lot less buttery and a lot more chunky given the finish, the pigments were neither too harsh nor too rough to work with.

As for the packaging, you may love the fact that the brand has temporarily traded in its signature sleek black for a sand-hued canvas – an adorable play on the beach theme.

Highlighting powder

Now on to the shining star of the collection: The highlighting powder. If you’re not one for an iridescent highlight that will ‘blind’ everyone looking anywhere remotely near your cheeks, then you will love this collection. The three shades available are Sunrise Glow (light pink with gold shimmer), Tawny Glow (copper) and Sunkissed Glow (warm bronze with gold shimmer) and honestly, no pictures can do these shades proper justice.

The formula applied smooth even on bare skin (although you really should use a primer), and gave a natural, healthy glow. No blinding strip of reflective pigment on my cheek, just an added radiance that doesn’t read as ‘greasy’ in pictures. Don’t get me wrong, the powder is definitely reflective, but it isn’t so overstated such that it draws immediate attention which really is the perfect finishing touch to a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

bobbi brown

One tip: Because the product has a very natural finish, you might want to apply your makeup in natural light to gauge just how much you product you need to pile on to achieve the look you’re gunning for that day..

However, the longevity did fall a little short. While it was definitely the product for me, it was with a very heavy heart (and dulled cheekbones) that I realised my highlight had faded six hours into my day. The good news is that the powder comes in a durable mirrored compact that allows convenient touching up on the go.

And yep, the highlighters have a buildable formula. I’d advise against layering too much, though, since it can draw attention to the texture around that area – not the most flattering for women who have noticeable pores, blemishes or fine lines.

So here’s the final verdict

bobbi brown

The Love, Peace, Beach line is definitely catered towards an everyday makeup look, so if you’re one for blown out Insta-makeup, this won’t be for you.

Is it worth your money? Yes. The shades are genuinely gorgeous and the formula is pretty spectacular.

So if you’re a huge fan of shimmers or glowy skin, Bobbi Brown’s summer line will have something you’ll definitely enjoy. Just be sure to pick the right product for yourself.

And don’t expect it to last through a night out; it’s all about the sun, baby.

The eyeshadow trios retail at $60 and the highlighting powder retails at $76. The Love, Peace, Beach collection is currently available at all Bobbi Brown outlets.

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