sandara park

Her skincare regime

Sandara Park (SP): “In the morning, I usually apply a toner, ampoule, eye cream, moisturiser and sun cream. It is important to make sure that they get absorbed well into the skin else makeup will not set properly. In the evening, I usually put more effort into moisturising. After applying my toner, I will put on a face mask right away. It only takes 15 minutes. After that, I’ll apply an eye cream and moisturiser. If my skin feels irritated or sensitive, I’ll apply a soothing gel. At times when I am unable to put on a sheet mask, I apply a sleeping mask.”

A skincare product that’s on rotation

SP: “I don’t use a lot of skincare products. Nowadays, I apply an ampoule regularly. It helps to keep my skin firm.”

One skincare product she can’t live without

SP: I really like applying face masks. I make it a point to use them daily.”

Her go-to makeup look

SP: I prefer a simple and fresh look when it comes to every day. I always apply BB cream, add a little blush on my cheeks for a natural flush and a bright coloured lipstick.”

Tips to keep makeup looking fresh

SP: On sunny days, a good base (one that gives great coverage and is sweat-proof would be ideal) is very important. I would also suggest applying a vibrant shade of blusher and lip colour as it helps to brighten your complexion. Last but not least, sunscreen.”

Beauty must-haves when traveling

SP: I believe beauty originates from good health, which is why I always bring along my supplements, vitamins and beauty drinks that helps remove swelling all the time. Oh, and red ginseng too!”

The best beauty tip she has ever received

SP: I have received a lot of beauty tips but one that I agree with the most is the importance of removing makeup. It is essential to remove it thoroughly so that we can prevent clogged pores and it also helps our skin better absorb the skincare products we apply. Another tip that I really like is to always have self-confidence.”

A beauty advice to live by

SP: Don’t blindly follow the trends. It is best to use products that fit your skin type most. It is different from fashion, and hence, it is important to use products that are suitable for your skin. If we use products that are not for our skin type, our skin will be more irritable and sensitive.”