scalp care

It’s no secret that we all want clear skin and we’re willing to do (and spend) a lot to get it – from serums to emulsions to sunscreens – well, the list just goes on. And when it comes to getting luscious tresses, there are shampoos, conditioners, nourishing leave-in treatments, frizz-fighting serums and reparative hair masks. But what most of us may not know is that the secret to a healthy head of hair lies in having a balanced scalp. Since the fat produced by your body is also distributed throughout the hair fibres, a healthy scalp translates to silky and hydrated strands. Whereas an unhealthy scalp is cause for excessive oiliness, hair loss, dryness, itching and peeling.

In our search for hair commercial-worthy locks, we’ve unknowingly neglected the scalp with blow-dry after blow-dry, salt sprays and dry shampoos (that clogs and weakens the hair follicles). Not to mention sun exposure and pollution, as well. With scalp facials and treatments popping up on salon menus and a recent surge of scalp care products – a lot of which contain the same skin-loving ingredients found in skincare – being released in the beauty hemisphere, that’s probably enough of an indication that we should be paying more attention to maintaining the health of our scalps.

Below, the crop of scalp care products to get you started on the route towards a healthier scalp than before.