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7 Sexy And Sophisticated Perfumes You Need For A Night Out

#1: Moonshot GD EDT, $85 for 50ml
If you’ve yet to be acquainted with this scent, it’s a unisex fragrance that was created by Moonshot and the brand’s muse, K-Pop star G-Dragon. It’s got woody notes at the top, heart, and base of the fragrance, and a hint of citrus. The resulting scent is one that is not overly masculine or feminine, but a nice middle ground for someone who loves a bit of androgyny. #2: Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia, $99 for 50ml
This is one of my recent favourites. It smells warm with some sweetness, but not overpoweringly sweet. The primary scents you get are frangipani, vanilla, and amber, with the last two as the most prominent base notes. It’s a really inviting scent, and not one that smells generic at all. #3: Michael Kors Sexy Blossom EDP, $154 for 100ml
If you love floral scents, this one is right up your alley. Give it a sniff and you might notice something all too familiar about the scent; it’s the distinctive lychee that stands out to those of us familiar with the fruit. The florals that surround the lychee notes include rose, orchid, and peony. It’s a floral that isn’t overly complicated, but unique enough to stand out in your collection. #4: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Mon Paris EDP, $229 for 50ml
The scent opens up with strong fruity and sweet notes, but there’s a fairly prominent floral heart that follows. It’s light enough to work for both day and night, but definitely for someone with a penchant for sweeter scents. #5: Tom Ford Private Blend Ombre Leather 16 EDP, $330 for 50ml
Do you love the smell of leather? If your answer is yes, then you need to give this a whiff for yourself. I love many of Tom Ford’s private blends for the simplicity in the number of ingredients, because you always get a wonderfully pure and original scent. The combination of leather, patchouli, oakmoss, and a spice like cardamom makes this one a wonderfully warm scent, perfect for nights out or even a wintery holiday. #6: Atkinsons Jasmine in Tangerine EDP, $230 for 100ml
While the scent is primarily jasmine and tangerine, there is also a hint of pepper and woodiness to this that keeps it from smelling too fresh or floral. It’s a highly unusual scent that smells almost a little vintage, which is perfect for someone with more of an acquired “taste” for perfumes. #7: Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence EDP, $190 for 100ml
First off, let me say that the bottle design is amazing. You can pick it up by the chain strap like a bag as the cap is fitted on quite tightly, but i’d still exercise caution. Fragrance-wise, there’s a light spiciness to the scent with some warmth, and a floral sweetness made up of saffron, honeysuckle, and vanilla. It’s sexy and sophisticated without being too heavy for a climate like Singapore. An adapted version first appeared in Her World Plus on October 14, 2016. Like this? Check out 10 fun statement bags for a night out, 9 sexy wine-coloured nail polishes for a night out and these Penhaligon’s perfumes that come in the most beautiful bottles.