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10 Shampoos Suitable For Asian Hair To Solve All Hair And Scalp Issues

Just as Asian skin types have their particular traits, Asian hair, too has its own kind of needs. Broadly speaking, Asian hair strands are round and thick. Although it’s generally quite straight, the texture can vary from fine to coarse, soft to hard. Compared to Caucasian hair, it’s less dense but relatively stronger and more resistant to breakage. However, Asians tend to have oilier scalps, which is why daily washing is needed to prevent tresses from looking flat and greasy.

“If the climate is really humid like Singapore, then it’s good to have a lighter shampoo for everyday use,” says Celia Tham, creative director of BLOC+ The Salon. “It also depends on whether you’re targeting the hair or the scalp. Scalp shampoos do more deep-cleansing and they also help to thicken fine hair, but they are usually a little more drying. Soothing scalp shampoos are gentler and more suitable for daily use.” “Coarse and dry hair should opt for more moisturising shampoos. If you feel that makes your hair too limp or greasy, balance it with a lighter conditioner,” advises Celia.

Here, we highlight 10 shampoos that meet the needs of Asian locks.

#1: DHC Repair & Moisturising Shampoo, $23.90, Watsons
Extremely hydrating, this has amino acid-based cleansing ingredients and natural-origin moisturisers such as olive fruit oil, shea butter, honey and aloe, to help repair dry, brittle hair that’s been damaged by chemical processes and UV exposure. #2: Syoss Silicone-Free Moisture Shampoo, $18.60, Watsons
Developed with some of Japan’s top hairstylists, this boasts a high level of hyaluronic acid and zero amount of silicone that can weigh hair down or worsen an oily scalp. Great for those with greasy roots and dry tips.   #3: Moist Diane Volume & Scalp Scalp Shampoo, $16.90, Watsons
This oil shampoo uses the power of eight nutrient-rich botanical oils – including argan, baobab and marula and mango seed – and not silicone to deliver intense shine and smoothness. Designed for those with flat, fine tresses, it removes product buildup, sebum and impurities to give you extra volume at the roots, while maintaining the natural moisture balance of hair and scalp.   #4: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Purify & Protect Shampoo, $11.90, Watsons
Combining the brand’s repair technology with anti-pollution benefits, this promises to keep dust and pollutants off your mane for up to 72-hours while strengthening hair’s inner structure so there’s less breakage. It contains no silicone, so it won’t weigh hair down or grease up the scalp.   #5: Avalon Organics Scalp Treatment Tea Tree Shampoo, $13.90, Watsons
Those with sensitive or irritable scalp will love this, which uses a blend of moisturising and soothing botanicals like tea tree essential oil, beta-glucan, aloe and quinoa protein to hydrate, relieve scalp discomfort (yes, that includes dandruff) and even boost circulation. On top of being pH-balanced so it doesn’t zap away moisture, it also contains no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or colour.   #6: L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Eclat Imperial High Shine Shampoo, $16.90, Guardian
Though it contains French rose oil, this lightweight shampoo nourishes and conditions without leaving any greasy residue. Delivering all-day moisture and a gentle but effective cleanse, it removes dirt and excess sebum and seals damaged hair fibres to give you a beautifully smooth, glossy mane. Bonus marks for the lasting, feminine rose scent.   #7: Organist Morocco Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo, $14, Watsons
Given how much we Asians love perms and dyes, it’s no wonder our hair is in need of some serious TLC. That’s where this comes in. Formulated without silicon, parabens or petroleum-based surfactants, it treats frizzy, fragile and fried tresses with argan oil – known as Liquid Gold to the natives of the Moroccan desert due to its high nutrient content and immense moisturising properties that can counter even the region’s harsh, dry climate. #8: Asience Moisture Rich Shampoo, $14.90, Watsons
Made for rough, dry Asian hair, its moisturising-retaining ingredients like honey, aloe and pomegranate are said to fill and plump up hollowed hair shafts, delivering all-day hydration and maintaining a healthy shine.   #9: Hask Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Shampoo, $16.90, Guardian
What this coconut shell-derived deep-cleansing shampoo has: lemon and grapefruit oils, activated charcoal, hydrolysed soy protein and vitamin B5. What it doesn’t: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol and artificial colours. It removes build-up without stripping away moisture as well, and helps in boosting hair volume. Perfect for oily, flat and fine locks.   #10: Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo, $16.90, Guardian
Like all of the brand’s offerings, this shampoo designed for flat hair and oily scalp is enriched with camellia oil – known for its strong moisturising, antioxidant and hair-conditioning benefits. Here, it helps to soften and hydrate the scalp and locks while lending a loose, airy finish to the ends. This story first appeared on Like this? Check out these 7 tips to protect your hair from heat damage, the new Korean hair salon and others to get your next haircut from and the best hydrating masks you need for healthier hair.