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Sheet Masks That Give You A Plump, Radiant Complexion Fast

Hydrating products are probably among the most important but also most underrated genre in skincare. These easy-to-use sheet masks deliver moisture into skin to strengthen its protective barrier against external attacks, plump skin for a fresh, healthy appearance and give your complexion a dewy radiance. The best thing, you’ll be able to see results in just 15 minutes.

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#1: Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask, $72 for a set of five
If you want your skin to feel (and look) instantly hydrated and fresh, then this mask is a must-have. Formulated with First Care Activating Serum EX and the brand’s unique skin-rebalancing formula JAUM Balancing Complex, this moisturises, soothes and balances the complexion for a healthy glow. Its micro net radiance sheet fits perfectly on the curves of the face, allowing the mask’s active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for a smoother, softer skin texture. #2: Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask Moist Lover, $18, Sephora
This two-step mask consists of an intensive care ampoule and a rubber sheet mask. The ampoule consists hydrating treat dry, dehydrated skin, while the unique rubber mask texture prevents the active ingredients from evaporating to ensure you get the full benefits of the treatment. Another plus, the mask has soothing properties to help calm sensitive skin. #3: Verso Deep Hydration Mask, $135 for a set of four, Escentials
This moisturising hydrogel facial mask delivers deep hydration with a prolonged effect. It contains patented Artificial Moisturising Factor (AMF) that supports skin’s ability to retain moisture. The nano-particle structure of the AMF is said to be able to absorb moisture and keep skin hydrated for up to 120 hours. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Grapefruit extract and Ceramide-3 to further support the AMF effect and help make skin soft, smooth and hydrated. #4: Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone, $46 for a set of eight, Sephora
Great for tired, stressed skin, this has abalone extract which is rich in minerals, proteins and amino acids to nourish, strengthen and moisturise. It also has hydrating active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptide and marine collagen to soften and plump dry skin. #5: Mamonde Daffodil Hydrating Skin Fit Mask, $6
This bio-cellulose gel mask sheet is developed with bio-engineering technology. The bio-cellulose fiber contains flower seeds that have been fermented for two weeks to nourish, while Narcissus bulb extract is able to retain water to keep skin hydrated for longer. #6: For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask, $16 for a set of three, Sephora
This has hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate, plump, boost radiance and replenish moisture throughout the day.  Sodium PCA provides trace elements to soothe and strengthen tired skin, while sodium lactate strengthens skin’s barrier function and restore balance to skin. #7: La Mer The Hydrating Facial, $500 for a set of six
If you enjoy pampering treatments, then this La Mer sheet mask is for you. It treats skin concerns such as dehydration, fine, dry lines, clarity, and irritation.  A special blend of dark green algae gathered from countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Brittany, and the US, infuse the skin with intense hydration, while marine plant algae help to diminish visible signs of ageing and dark spots to give you a clear, more even complexion. It also contains cellular lipids and plant extracts derived from melon and avocado and provides a smoother skin texture.