shiseido ultimune

Not only is  Koharu Sugawara fronting the Japanese beauty brand’s updated Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, she is also the face of its newest campaign, #StrongSouls. We recently caught up with the dancer (she was here in Singapore to celebrate the launch of the Ultimune Red Vibe Street pop-up at Changi Airport Terminal 1) where she shared what beauty means to her and more.

shiseido ultimune

On the #StrongSouls campaign

Koharu Sugawara (KS): “I think this is a great campaign as it is not just about using a beauty product to improve your skin’s condition. It also places emphasis on letting your inner beauty shine through and being a woman who’s confident and strong; women who are not afraid to express themselves and who gracefully break stereotypical ideas of what we (women) should be like.”

On the new Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

KS: “What I really like about the updated product is its attractive packaging. The bottle is shaped like a woman who’s standing tall with her chest out looking very confident. To me, that projects an image of strength and how you should always feel and look confident no matter what. I also love the colour red as it best represents me. The new serum also contains the brand’s ImuGeneration Technology, which helps to improve skin’s inner defense system and treat any damage within. After using it, I find that my skin has become a lot clearer. It’s a beautiful bottle, it’s great to use and I love its holistic approach to beauty.”


shiseido ultimune

The 3 beauty products she can’t live without

KS: “Since I dance and sweat a lot, I never really apply foundation as it is quite impractical since it will wear off. But because I look boyish, I like to use makeup to bring out my feminine side so a good red lipstick is something I personally love to use. The other two products would be a waterproof mascara and an eyeliner.”

A skincare must-have when she dances

KS: “Sunscreen. I personally do not like foundation and because I want to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays even though I’m indoors, I always need to have sunscreen with me.”

On what beauty means to her

KS: “Many women are very critical of themselves and constantly judge their appearance when they look into the mirror. But to me, beauty is all about letting the real, authentic me shine through and that happens when I dance. I feel that there is definitely a way for every woman to express themselves and feel beautiful. I also think that beauty is about the mutual respect we have for one another, which I personally feel is often overlooked nowadays.”

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