shiseido vital perfection sculpting lift cream

Most skincare brands try to correct sagging skin by firming it. Shiseido takes a different route with its Vital-perfection Sculpting Lift Cream, a night moisturiser that targets the lymph vessels in skin instead.

The biology: Lymph vessels run in a network through the body, removing waste and excess water, and transporting fatty acids. According to the brand, ageing causes the walls of lymph vessels to weaken, leaking what’s in them into the surrounding tissue. In the face, this leads to sagging (due to excess fat) and puffiness (excess water).

Vital-perfection Sculpting Lift Cream uses cinnamon extract, said to strengthen lymph-vessel walls so that water and waste don’t escape (a tactic shared by Japanese brand Cle de Peau Beaute in its Synactif cream). But Shiseido’s one-ups this: It has pine extract to reportedly thicken the vessels and help keep fatty acids in. Bonus: At $310, it costs a fraction of the other’s $1,800 price tag.


An adapted version first appeared in Female‘s August issue, out on newsstands now. 

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