shu uemura oleo moistJapanese beauty brand Shu Uemura may be best known for their cleansing oils, but they’ve now added a new product to the line-up that’s markedly different from the others: A facial cleanser that’s both an oil and a gel.

The name – Oleo:moist Active-encapsulated Cleansing Oil Gel ($50) – is a mouthful, but its purpose is simple: To remove impurities and make-up while retaining moisture in skin. How it does so: With two key ingredients that boost hydration (and aren’t present in the cleansing oils). Vitamin E capsules improve skin’s barrier function and block water loss, while Japanese muguet herb increases water retention.

So why create a gel-oil cleanser when their cleansing oils have done so well? The brand says their latest offering has a less runny texture compared to the latter, which some customers have found inconvenient to use. The Oleo:moist cleanser is more viscous: It starts off as a whitish gel containing tiny beads (i.e. the vitamin E capsules), turns into a light, bubbly froth in contact with water and leaves skin feeling buttery smooth when washed off.

All you need: a 50-cent coin-sized amount, which you massage onto dry face with dry hands (this helps remove dirt and make-up on skin surface before emulsification). Wet your face thereafter before rinsing off.


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