Shu Uemura atelier artist Yang Yu Hwa

The biggest change in women’s perceptions of beauty

“In the past, women would apply three basic steps in their makeup routine: eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. They were focused on covering and concealing imperfections: Nowadays, people favour more natural-looking complexions and don’t always wear eyeliner or eyeshadow.”

Yang’s fashion-forward works would belong in a Hunger Games flick.

Beauty trends exciting her most now

“What’s been trending for the last few years: Natural, glowing skin, playful eyeliner, applying blush on high cheekbones and bold-coloured lips. I’m hoping that eyebrows will be the next focus: Having straight and thick brows was a major trend for a while, but I am looking forward to the era where we will enjoy colouring our eyebrows and giving them more texture (like a wet, pearly effect). A product like Shu Uemura’s Eyebrow Manicure ($42) will give brows a slight tint of colour.”

Clockwise from top: Drawing Pencil in Metallic Pink, Hard Formula H9, Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine lipstick in RD150, Eyebrow Manicure, glow-on blush in medium peach and soft coral 345, Laque Supreme lipstick in CR01 and Tint In Gelato lipstick in CR02.

Best lip and blush shades for Asian skin tones

“For Asian skin, coral is the most suitable colour as it reduces dullness and brightens the complexion. Shu Uemura’s glow-on blusher in M345, P550 and P332 ($33 each) are popular shades. For lips, I recommend coral shades like Laque Supreme in CR01 ($42) and Tint In Gelato in CR01, 02 or 03 ($38 each). Red lips have become popular again, but a more yellowish-red hue – like Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine lipstick in RD150 and Laque Supreme lipstick in CR01 – will go best with Asian skin tones.”

Essential items you can’t leave home without

“Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula H9 eyeliner pencil ($33). It is the top-selling eyebrow product in Asia (and gives a natural and defined brow look). The Drawing Pencils ($33) allow you opportunities to experiment with eye makeup. Also, bring along a brush and other makeup tools so applying makeup is easier and you can create a more professional-looking finish. ”

Yang’s makeup looks have a painterly, ethereal quality.

An experimental eyeshadow look to try

“Pick one styling colour and one defining colour to create a three-dimensional finish. How you can achieve a gradation of colour: First, apply the styling colour as a base. Second, outline your eye contours with the defining colour. Last, blend the line bordering the styling and defining colours with the styling colour.”

What’s in her makeup kit

“I tend to change my makeup throughout the day depending on my mood, so I always have two to three different colours of Drawing Pencils and lipsticks.”


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