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Simple Rules For Looking Great With No Makeup

#1: Use an exfoliating face wash
Scrub your face with an exfoliating face wash first thing in the morning – preferably one with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They are amazing at warding off pesky little whiteheads and preventing future acne formation. Great skin starts with great skincare! #2: Use a brightening face mask
Layer on a soothing face mask that hydrates and brightens your skin. Chilled cucumbers, aloe vera, and honey do an ace job at moisturising and illuminating your skin. It’s therapeutic and preps your skin for the busy day ahead! #3: Dab an ice cube on your face
Wrap an ice cube in a muslin cloth or tissue before dabbing it all over your face. Focusing on your T zone, the ice wakes you up and is brilliant at eliminating the puffiness under your eyes. Plus, it closes your pores for a smooth and crystal clear finish! You won’t feel the need to reach out for your primer after this.   #4: Use a light-reflecting moisturiser
If you aren’t going to use anything with coverage, opt for a brightening moisturiser that enlivens your skins with its light-reflecting properties. You don’t have to worry about sallow skin with these hydrating moisturisers!   #5: Brush your brows and lashes up
Your spoolie brushes don’t have to leave your side during your no-makeup days. Use clean brushes to comb your brow hair upwards for a clean and polished brow look. Go ahead and slick some vaseline on top to lock them in place- it isn’t cheating! Curl and comb your lashes upwards too for natural and preened peepers. #6: Use a glossy lip balm
A lip balm is definitely a skincare must-have. Slather a high-shine, glossy lip balm that keeps your lips comfortable throughout the day. Keeping them hydrated and plump will make you feel as glamorous sans makeup!   #7: Use eye drops
A two-second trick for brighter and bolder eyes? Just use a couple of eye-brightening drops. Keep a bottle of eye drops at work as the cool temperature of your office might be drying your eyes out. The cooling drops will bring moisture back to your eyes and make them shine! #8: Make sure your hair is neat
Brush your hair neatly in place for an overall groomed look. Or, secure them into a sleek ponytail for a chic and effortless look. Yes, you woke up like this. #9: Get 8 hours of sleep
You can put an end to the countless layers of concealers you dab underneath your eyes every morning with eight magical hours of sleep. Give your body and skin the rest it needs, so it will reward you with fresh and bright skin the following morning. You won’t go scrambling around the house for your full-coverage concealer, we promise. #10: Sunglasses
Throw on a pair of your coolest sunglasses for a stylish, off-duty look. Strutting around town on the weekend without makeup? No problem. A pair of shades can transform your busy day to an ultra glamorous one! Main image: This story first appeared on Like this? Check out Fenty Beauty’s new collection of lust-worthy lipsticks, the things you need to know before buying sunscreen and tips on looking fresh during the party season.