skincare tips

“The Nars multi-action hydrating toner lightly exfoliates and hydrates and is a must-have, ideal for every skin type. It has a plant extract in it that helps exfoliate the skin on your face that’s ready to go. It also has a light-reflecting complex to give you that natural glow. The best thing? It helps with your lips as well.” – Jenny Smith, Nars’ global makeup artist

“I really like using aloe vera gel. It’s very gentle and helps calm my sensitive skin.” – Unna, model

“I always had sensitive skin so for me, cleansing is crucial. I also tend to drink lots of water and make sure I have sufficient amount of sleep. In fact, I really change my lifestyle for my skin.” – Irene Kim, model

“Here’s a tip that will help those with combination skin. Use two types of creams, one gel-based and the other, oil-based and mix them together. It is especially helpful if you live in hot, humid climates like Singapore.” – Yeo Hyung Suk, Nars’ lead international makeup artist

“I always use a toner before applying anything on my face. It’s really good to clean out your skin and helps with colour evenness and smooths out my skin as well.” – McKenna, model

skincare tips

“A good, gentle face wash, sunblock and moisturiser are the three key products everyone should use. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself!” – Mei, model

“I would say my best skincare tip is to moisturise. I have combination skin so it’s super important for me to stay hydrated. I apply it in the morning, evening and throughout the day when I start peeling around my nose.” –Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, model

“A tip that I have when it comes to skincare is to always massage the product into your skin. The heat from your palms will warm your skin up, to hold your makeup longer. Massaging also helps the product absorb quickly into your skin.” –Great, Nars’ senior makeup artist

“I personally love using coconut oil on my skin as it really helps to hydrate and nourish it.” – Natasha, model

“You have to moisturise no matter what, even if you’re in a humid or dry climate.” – Kiana, model

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