#1: Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, $71

 Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, $71

“I love exfoliating my face regularly as my pores clog up easily. This peel is the gentlest (I’ve ever come across) and does not irritate my skin, but leaves it feeling really clean and soft.”

#2: Skin Inc Deep Sea Hydrating Mask, $72

Skin Inc Deep Sea Hydrating Mask, $72

“I use this as a sleep-in mask and day moisturiser. It’s really light and effective and leaves my skin plump and hydrated. I love that it absorbs into my skin easily and is colourless, so it doesn’t dirty my pillowcase when I sleep with it on.”

#3: Alpha-H Liquid Gold, $56


“This stuff is amazing. It helps to resurface the skin overnight and you’ll wake up to better and clearer skin every time. It also helps other serums to absorb a lot better. I love the tingly sensation it gives when applied, because then you know it’s working!”

#4: Fresh Rose Face Mask, $95

“I have sensitive skin with (a propensity for) redness, and this helps to calm it down in a jiffy. I especially love putting this mask on for 15 minutes to prep my skin before applying makeup.”

#5: Faux Fayc Faustix Liquid Lipstick in Wolf, $35


“This is the lipstick I created with (local beauty brand) Faux Fayc and it’s my favourite lipstick of all time! I’m already on my third one – that’s how much I love and wear it. The colour is so pigmented and the soft matte liquid texture makes it so comfortable to wear and apply.”

#6: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, $43

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealor in Custard, $43

“This is hands down the best concealer ever! The formula is very creamy and pigmented, making it really easy to blend into the skin with your fingers or a brush. It works on everything, be it the undereye area or blemishes.”

#7: M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension Lash in Black Extreme Mascara, $38


“I’m a mascara addict, and this one is my favourite because it’s so volumnising and gives a wispy effect to my lashes. The formula is on the drier side, which I feel works even better and is easier to apply and build on.”

#8: Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray, $48

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

“I have oily skin, and this spray helps me to combat it and the humidity. It’s recommended to spray it over your makeup, but I discovered that spraying it before as a primer/base and over makeup afterwards makes it even more effective. It really does control oil and makes my makeup last.”


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