The past year has seen a rise in the number of launches focused on the fundamentals – not super serums, but good old cream masks; not lunchtime aesthetic procedures, but facials and massages. No, it’s not the end of the high-tech race to produce the next power-packed Insta-salve, but getting the essentials right is once again important – and shouldn’t it always be? Here, meet three women who have real basic skincare routines.


Aarika Lee, co-founder of marketing and branding consultancy Elementary Co, and a member of the Female Collective

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“Since becoming a mother, I’ve not liked fussing about my skin. I don’t have much time, so my routine must be simple. I use Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Gel Cream as a daytime moisturiser. Even if I have no makeup on, it keeps my skin looking healthy, not greasy. In the evening, I apply Nars’ Restorative Night Treatment, and if I have a photo shoot or event to attend the next day, I’ll add on Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Balance Softener. Ultimately, I believe not in using a whole bunch of products, but paying attention and catering to what your skin needs. It can be as simple as letting it breathe. Also drink lots of water, eat right and always moisturise – if you’re having an ‘oily day’, thereare water-based moisturisers. Oh, and never pick at pimples.”


Suwan Tan, barre instructor at WeBarre, and an Innovation and Partnerships (BT) manager at Publicis Media

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“I don’t like soaping my face as it makes my skin feel dry, so in the morning, I cleanse simply with tap water. At night, I actually use body soap (yes, on my face) and, occasionally, a light cleanser. I do, however, swear by using water-based moisturiser – it doesn’t clog my pores and keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day – as well as lip balm, with the addition of an eye cream at night. I hardly wear makeup – no foundation, powder or primer – which might be why I can get away with such a basic routine. Drinking lots of water helps too, but remember: Always listen to your own body and use only what you require. Things that work for others might not work for you.”


Lam Xueying, marketing manager/rising beauty Instagrammer

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“Generally, all I do is cleanse, tone and moisturise. In the day, I’ll also put on a sunscreen. At night, I’ll include a blemish control serum to prevent breakouts. A longer routine doesn’t necessarily mean a better one. It’s more important to know what’s really effective and stick to the essentials. Mine are Allies Of Skin’s 1A All-Day Mask, Derma-Rx Comedone Formula, and Clarins UV Plus Anti-pollution SPF50/PA++++. I always make sure I cleanse my face properly, exfoliate regularly, apply lip balm before going to bed, and never, ever sleep with makeup on. I also keep my skin hydrated by moisturising and drinking lots of water – don’t underestimate what it can do. If you have trouble fulfilling your daily intake, fruits like grapefruit and watermelon work too.”


This story first appeared in Female’s February 2017 issue.

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