Not having a robust and effective skincare regime (read: skipping out on key steps like cleansing and applying sunscreen) may lead to unnecessary outbreaks and a drop in one’s skin quality. But besides that, women in this day and age are succumbed to other external factors that tend to affect one’s complexion like stress, fatigue and pollution. While this might not be the case a decade (or two) ago, it is one of the main few causes of poor skin quality, which is why it is important to find suitable products that help combat, treat and protect our skin from such daily aggressors.

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And since we are constantly strapped for time and prefer a concise yet effective routine, layering on multiple skincare products may not be the most ideal. Enter local beauty brand Skin Inc’s newest My Daily Dose of Uplift Serum. This serum is packed with a host of ingredients that are meant to address and treat skin that has been affected by the prevalence of daily stress and fatigue caused by digital screens and other lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep and exposure to pollution. To put it simply, it is a wonder serum that targets major concerns of the modern woman.

There are three key ingredients, which are all encapsulated to ensure the ingredients are freshly delivered upon usage. Collagen supports elasticity, suppleness, and firmness for a youthful look while coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant found naturally in one’s body, energises tired skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Lastly, hyaluronic acid, one of the most superior ingredients for hydration, helps to attract and hold moisture for suppler, plumper skin.

These ingredients are encapsulated in a proprietary Japanese Seaweed Encapsulation Technology that protects the active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, ensuring stability and potency of ingredients. This technology allows for effective delivery of pure, potent ingredients, while the humectant-rich glycerin base delivers lasting hydration.

The Skin Inc My Daily Dose of Uplift serum will be available on 10 January at all Skin Inc and Sephora stores. 

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