skincare essentials winter holiday

Crossing borders to colder climates in the month of December means that you need to pack your absolute skincare products to ensure your complexion is well-hydrated, and free from any unwanted breakouts. Here, we break down six key items you cannot miss out on when packing for your upcoming winter vacay plus, recommend our favourites.

#1: A cleanser

Sure, your hotel will definitely have a body wash, shampoo and hair conditioner but it definitely won’t have your favourite face cleanser. Opt for one that is super hydrating and gentle as the change in climate may aggravate your skin condition.

#2: A toner

A hydrating one, at that. Toners are especially important as they help to remove any leftover dirt and grime, balance pH levels, deliver moisture and prep skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

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#3: A hydrating serum

Hydration is extremely important especially in colder countries where the air is drier. Adding a hydrating serum to your regime will definitely keep your complexion plump, smooth and soft. Plus, they penetrate deeper into the skin to intensely moisturise and strengthen skin’s protective barrier.

#4: A moisturiser

Unless you want to have a dry and parched complexion, then packing a darn good moisturiser is a must. For colder temperatures, we prefer heavier and richer creams to ensure our skin gets sufficient moisture.

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#5: Masks, lots of them

It really does not matter what type of mask (from sheet masks to overnight sleeping ones) you pack along as long as you do as they really help give your skin an intense boost of moisture so it looks fresher, healthier, plumper and more radiant.

#6: A sunblock

Even in a colder country, the UV rays from the sun, blue light from your electronic devices and other external aggressors can damage your complexion. Thus, it is important to bring a sunscreen along to protect your skin.

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