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Skincare Instagram Accounts That Are Actually Educational And Worth A Follow

Beauty gurus are a dime a dozen on Instagram these days, but what sets these skincare accounts apart is the fact that their content is actually educational and worth your time

When it comes to the types of Instagram accounts we follow, there’s no shame in being visual creatures. We all love a beautifully curated feed. However, from time to time, we crave more. There’s no lack of beauty gurus and skincare-centric accounts on Instagram, but content-wise, they tend to be a little skint. However, dig below the surface and you’ll discover a treasure trove of Instagram accounts that go the distance and talk beauty and skincare in depth. Expect no-holds-barred product reviews, concise ingredient breakdowns and explanations, and a heavy dose of honesty sans drama. And for an industry that’s recently been mired in a slew of controversy, we’d say that’s a welcome change.

Main Image : Instagram (@socialskinroutine)

Natalie Smyth, also known as @roadtoglow on Instagram, is a UK-based beauty content creator who does long-form product reviews. Her posts are easy to understand and generally follow this format: what the product is about, the science behind the product’s key ingredient(s), how to use it, and her thoughts on the product after using it. She also has acne-prone skin (we couldn’t tell based on her glowing selfies, however), so it’s a good resource if you have a similar skin type. @socialskinroutine
The pH level of your cleanser can make or break your skincare routine, but companies aren’t usually forthcoming when it comes to product formulas. A cleanser marketed as being skin-friendly and “pH balanced” may, in fact, have a pH that’s out of the optimal 4.5 to 5.5 range. Luckily, this account does the legwork for you by pH testing cleansers on the market. @socialskinroutine uses a digital meter and performs a 3-point calibration before each test, so you can be assured the readings are accurate. Besides that, the account also provides honest product reviews with a 5-star rating system, so you can easily decide what’s worth your money. @chemistconfessions
Run by two chemists who are “just as tired of the bs (sic) as you are”, @chemist.confession is a wonderful resource for those who want a professional, science-backed take on what’s hot and what’s not in skincare. The account has a series of posts tagged with #decodethatil, which breaks down the contents of ingredient lists in easy-to-understand terms. They also run ingredient spotlights – we especially love the one they did on vitamin C and its derivatives. @re_issue
If you’ve ever had to experience the pain of having to choose between two similar products, @re_issue is the account for you. They compare products with similar functions and ingredients, and also highlight potential irritants. Everything is presented in easy-to-understand and aesthetically-pleasing graphics, so you don’t have to worry about the account messing up your curated feed.