Hybrid beauty products (you know, that serum or cream you apply after your moisturiser but before your makeup to nourish skin and help your foundation go on easier and stay on longer) have been gaining popularity over the years, but this is definitely one of the most impressive ones we’ve ever come across.

The Ren Perfect Canvas (available at Escentials) is a silicone-free serum that is full of bio-actives to smooth, lift and plump your complexion while leaving a soft matte finish for optimal makeup application. It is also infused with probiotics extract that is said to improve the speed and quality of the epidermal growth, boosting the production of essential proteins and enzymes which improve both the barrier function and cell cohesion, promoting overall skin health and structure.

Hyluronans that convert to hyaluronic acid in skin will increase skin hydration, elasticity and aid the reduction of wrinkle depth, while Agave tequilana extract provides an instant filling effect and mattifies the complexion without the use of silicone. And to round up this powerhouse collection of ingredients, α-Glucans rebalances the homeostasis of the skin by promoting the growth of skin-friendly bacteria, optimising skin health.

Used after your moisturiser, just three drops of this watery serum is enough. It leaves your complexion with a smooth, shine-free finish and even primes skin for makeup application. After just three weeks of using it, we’re already hooked.

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