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Look Out: These Are The Skincare Trends of 2020

From microbiomes in skincare to prejuvenation, here are the skincare trends to have a go at this 2020.

Skincare is having a moment. For years, makeup has been buzzed about in beauty circles and while it still is, people have realised that caring about your skin is actually maybe more important than caking on foundation and hoping for the best. Consumers are more interested and and more educated in what goes into their skincare, how they’re made, transparency of brands in disclosing their actives efficacy — and the industry is taking note. We’re here for it, of course. 

Microbiome & Probiotics in Skincare

Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic weighs in on the rise of microbiome and probiotics in skincare. “Microbiome skincare was one of the breakout skincare ingredients of 2019. In 2020, microbiome skincare continue to be popular because of the preference for ‘natural’ and ‘chemical-free’ products,” she says.

What are they? According to Dr Ho, the human skin contains approximately 1000 species of bacteria, most of which do not harm the skin. These bacteria are also called commensals and are regarded as ‘good bacteria’. Commensals protect the skin against pathogenic bacteria (‘bad bacteria’) and keep the skin’s immune system in balance. This micro-ecosystem of the skin is called microbiome. Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer benefits to the skin. 

Dr Ho explains further, “Topical probiotics have been shown to balance the skin’s inflammatory responses and enhance the skin’s barrier function by increasing ceramide levels. These benefits are useful for patients who have conditions who have inflammatory skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (eczema).”

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Better body treatments

When it comes to the aesthetics arena, Dr Melvin Tan of Epion Clinic reckons it’s going to be an exciting year for body treatments. “Coolsculpting has been an industry gold standard for several years already. The FDA recently approved it for treating fat above the knees. We now also have several effective solutions for cellulite reduction (Deka Onda, BTL Xwave, Velashape), muscle building (Tesla Former, Emsulpt), and stretch mark removal (Sublative resurfacing).” 

Dr Tan adds, “I have also noticed a rise in patients requesting for injectable body contouring treatments. Calf reduction using Botox has been making a resurgence, and Trapezius muscle Botox, to achieve a longer, leaner neck and more feminine shoulder line has also been popular.”