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Dr. Lam Bee Lan, founder and director of Ageless Medical is no stranger to the aesthetic medical industry and besides her newest outlet at Wheelock Place, Dr. Lam has also just opened a medi-spa located next to the clinic, offering a slew of new facial treatments. We got up close with Lam, AKA the “queen of fillers”, who shared with us the newest tech she’s brought in to the clinic, skincare trends to take note of next year and more.

skincare trends

Ageless Medical is all about using the latest tech

“I have been in this line for about 15 years and I was also trained in two of the biggest [beauty] companies in the world (Allergan and Galderma), which is why I am always at the forefront, and bring in the latest technologies and treatments. I also travel a lot to give talks plus try out new technology and machines, allowing me to be constantly exposed to the latest techniques and technologies. I have also just set up my medi-spa, Ageless Medi-Aesthetics, which I aim to bring medical-grade treatments that will complement the facials that I do here at Ageless Medical.”

On Rejuran, the clinic’s signature treatment

“Rejuran is a regenerative medicine, which is a branch of medicine that develops methods to repair, restore and replace damaged cells, tissues or organs in the human body. We inject it into the skin (in the fibroblast layer), which will directly stimulate cells that increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This then repairs skin, helping to treat common skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars — it even helps to repair eczema. Unlike skin boosters which typically just hydrate skin, this actually heals and repairs complexions. We use pure salmon sperm as it is highly biocompatible with human DNA and the sperms contain the highest concentration of highly purified DNA. This animal-origin treatment has been approved by the Health Science Authority (HSA) on the human body, which is quite rare in Singapore and is one of — if not the — first of its kind.”

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On why she decided to bring Rejuran into Singapore

“I actually learned about this treatment from a patient of mine who was from Korea. She was raving about how good it was and since I am really big on skin quality, it got me very interested. I connected with the principle in Korea and went over once to see the factory. I then tried it on myself. Post-treatment, my face was quite swollen and I had a lot of bumps, but it all went down after about 24 hours. However, now we do have the LDM treatment, which helps to shorten the downtime by 10-12 hours.  The skin gets better after 2 to 3 weeks and with continuous use, skin will appear healthier and makeup sits better as well. It is also really good for undereye circles and upper eyelid skin.”

skincare trends
Dr. Lam Bee Lan

On why skin quality will be huge in 2019

“I feel that regenerative medicine is quite exciting. Externally, we use rejuran, which is a PN and PDRN-containing product to heal the skin from within. I also believe that stem cell therapy will be the next big thing. Secondly, I feel that having good skin quality will be huge next year. What it essentially means is that your complexion should be like a baby’s skin: soft, supple, clear and poreless. If you have clear, radiant and healthy-looking skin, it allows your makeup to sit better and boosts your confidence as well. Skin quality is very important and it started off with skin boosters (the process of injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin). That was really popular about three years ago, just as rejuran as a treatment to improve skin quality, is now. Such treatments are very big in Asian countries but now the Western countries too have caught on as many love to suntan, which damages skin. Now, there are more treatments that help to improve skin quality like Volite, which just came out this year. Additionally, I feel that male aesthetics is also going to be huge. The American Plastic Surgery Society found out that there has been an exponential increase in men doing injectables like fillers and botox over the years and the increase is a lot more prominent in Asian countries like in China and South Korea. I personally see it reflected in my own practice.”

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An experienced doctor is everything

“When doing any sort of injectable for the first time, it is crucial to find a doctor who is trained, experienced and knows how to properly inject and understand the clinical facial anatomy. When you stick a needle into the skin, you need to know where the danger zone, muscles and blood vessels are. If you inject a filler into the blood vessel, it can cause skin death and blindness. You need to read reviews, talk to your doctor and ask around for recommendations.”

Both male and females are generally more open to injectables

“Nowadays with social media, people are more open about it — both girls and guys. For me, the population of guys who have come to do such treatments has grown. Five years ago it was less than three per cent, but now it is almost 20 per cent.”

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Three skincare products to include in your regime

“If you are strapped for time, feeling lazy or want a quick skincare routine, you just need to use a gentle cleanser, a good moisturiser and sunblock.”

Common skincare mistakes many Singaporeans make

“Skipping out on using a sunblock. Working in the office or indoors does not mean your skin is protected even though you are not be directly affected by the sun. Lights, technological devices and even the heat from the stove emit harmful rays and infrared light, which can damage the skin. Thus, it is important to use a sunblock that protects your skin from all the different types of harmful rays. I also feel that a lot of people only start aesthetic treatments when they are in their 40s and 50s, but I think it is important to start when you are young as there will be less damage control when you are older.”

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