These lifting, slimming facials will have your face looking more sculpted and contoured.
 Slimming Facials Sculpt Contour

Ultimate Lifting Facial Treatment
is great for fine lines and sagging skin.

WHERE: Remede Spa at The St. Regis Singapore, tel: 6506-6896 Price: $370

How: This involves microdermabrasion to deep cleanse and remove dead cells (which I really like), Red Light Therapy to stimulate collagen production, and pressurised oxygen to “push” active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing serums) into skin via a spray.

I look fresher, skin is brighter, plumper and feels significantly smoother. This 90-minute treatment is the perfect mix of hydrating, deep-cleansing and anti-ageing.

Total V Face Shaper Treatment tackles water rentention and puffiness.

WHERE: Clarins Skin Spa, #05-05/07 Wheelock Place, tel: 6838-5060 Price: $230

How: The highlight of the 75-minute facial is the two different massages – press and hold to boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and knuckle and roll to “break down” fatty deposits. They aren’t just effective, but also extremely relaxing. I will say this: Clarins makes a fat face such a “pleasurable” problem to have.

Verdict: The result is immediate. My face looks lifted, and the puffiness around my eyes and cheeks are gone. Do this when you need to look slimmer in less than two hours.