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You Won't Be Able To Stop Touching Your Hair With These Smoothing Serums

Keeping hair smooth and sleek has always been an impossible task without some serious professional help in a humid climate like Singapore. One minute you’re in a room with blazing air-conditioning that dries out your hair (and skin), and the next minute you’re outdoors, exposed to the suffocating humidity and heat. The thing about high humidity is, while it minimises trans-epidermal water loss from our skin, water molecules in the air become more than happy to penetrate hair shaft. And if your hair isn’t already in the pink of health, this causes the hair shaft to swell unevenly throughout the length, so its wiry appearance ends up looking like frizzy hair.

This also means that to keep frizz and flyaways to a minimum, you must repair and protect your tresses by replenishing them with nutrients so that less water molecules from the air enters your hair shaft in the first place. Next, you should also choose products that smooth hair cuticles: when they lie flat against one another, it becomes harder for water molecules to enter hair shaft. Another benefit? Shine and resilience are also restored so your hair is healthy, glossy and no longer prone to damage. Here, the best smoothing serums that are suitable for all hair types, under the price of $30.

John Frieda Original Serum, $19.90 for 50ml
Perfect for those whose hair is on the thicker and coarser side, this powerful serum instantly transforms your out-of-control mane to soft and silky locks. Thanks to its hydrolysed silk content, it also strengthens hair against heat styling and repels humidity so your hair remains kink-free. Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Instant Smoothening Cream, $7.90 for 120ml
Formulated with nutrient-rich botanical oils such as almond, argan, coconut, jojoba and olive, this leave-in treatment replenishes hair with fatty acids to strengthen, smooth and protect hair cuticles. This keeps humidity out while imparting your locks with a healthy, lustrous shine. Botanist Botanical Hair Milk (Smooth), $24 for 80ml
With a milky, serum-like texture, it is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave behind any greasy or sticky residue. At the same time, it hydrates and protects hair from heat while controlling frizz to keep your locks manageable all day long. Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair, $30 for 60ml
Inject a new lease of life into limp and fine hair with this non-greasy oil. Not only does it build body for a bouncy finish, it also seals hair cuticles to repel humidity and keep frizz at bay. Hair Systems by Watsons Ultimate Hair Oil, $13.90 for 70ml
Inspired by in-salon smoothing treatment, this nourishing hair oil infuses dry hair with the extracts of eight plant oils to help repair, strengthen, smooth, hydrate and protect hair against heat and humidity. Essano Argan Anti-Frizz Hair Serum, $19.95 for 50ml 
Thanks to a powerful blend of argan, macadamia, coconut, linseed, avocado and pomegranate oils, this resuscitates dry and damaged hair by deeply restoring hair health. Instantly, hair is smoother and softer, and over time, your locks become more protected against frizz and a loss of moisture. Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil, $17.90
Formulated to deeply repair hair that’s been damaged from frequent chemical processes and heat-styling, it harnesses the nourishing properties of sunflower and coconut seed oils to restore hair shine and its silky touch. With regular use, hair also becomes more elastic and less prone to breakage and split ends for a softer, smoother appearance. Tsubaki Oil Perfection, $29.90 for 50ml
If you’re also concerned with UV protection, then opt for this hair-smoothing oil. Enriched with camellia oil, it hydrates, strengthens, smoothes and protects hair against humidity, heat styling and even UV rays for silky soft and lustrous tresses.