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There's A New Japanese Beauty Brand In Town You Need To Know About

Japanese beauty brand Sofina takes the saying "beauty from within" seriously.

japanese beauty brand

The brand, which finally made its local debut, is all about creating products that strengthen the innate ability of one’s skin to improve the overall complexion. We chatted with the owner of the brand Mrs Mami Murata where she shared more about the key technologies, skincare trends and more.

A key technology only the brand uses

Mami Murata (MM): “Skin ageing is accelerated by factors such as the environment, lifestyle and psychological stress. Thus, we need to go beyond conventional skincare that works just on the surface of the skin. To do that, we created this technology known as the Life Beauty Science technology which is infused in the carbonated essence that’s found in our products. It activates and sort of wakes up the blood vessels to effectively improve blood circulation so that the nutrients can reach deep into our skin faster. This technology is used in the brand’s Dodai Essence and it contains 20 million micro carbonated bubbles.

The Sofina skincare regime

MM: “After cleansing your skin, apply the iP Dodai Base Essence ($85) as it will activate the capillaries, which may be dormant or sleeping at that point in time. Once the capillaries are activated, they will deliver the oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells more efficiently. After that, apply the Beaute Lotion Moist ($45) and the Beaute Emulsion ($55), which are both infused with the brand’s Tuberose Cultured Essence that effectively hydrates and speeds up cell renewal process.”