son ye jin

Her skincare regime

Son Ye Jin (SYJ): “I feel that every skincare routine should depend on the individual. For me, I prefer something simple. I used to do a facial mask once or twice a week but nowadays I try to do it almost every day. In the past, I heard it’s not good to cleanse your face in the morning so I usually just wash my face with water. But over time, I learnt that I have oily skin, so now I cleanse my face every morning and night no matter how busy I am.”

How she streamlines her skincare regime with her tight schedule

SYJ: “I find that Skin Inc products are very simple and easy to use and help to make my routine simpler. For example, this morning I used the Flash mask series. Since it’s customisable, I applied the Get Glowin Platinum mask to help brighten my complexion on the top half of my face while I used the Sooth-N-Purify Black Gold mask (to calm and detox skin) on the bottom half. After using the masks, I applied the Daily Dose serum. Once complete, all the staff members were amazed at how bright and radiant my skin was. So I feel that whenever I  have an important event to attend to, I will use this effective and time-saving mask.”

son ye jin

Beauty and skincare tips

SYJ: “I feel that it’s important to drink a lot of water even though it is not easy to drink around two to three litres every day. It’s also important to have sufficient amount of sleep. In Korea, the micro dust situation is still very serious, making skin very dry and sensitive. When I’m out, I always ensure that I apply sunscreen and a bit of BB cream or foundation because it helps to protect your skin from dust particles and the UV rays from the sun. To me, it’s a lot better than not wearing any base makeup at all.”

Beauty and skincare must-haves when travelling

SYJ: “When I travel, I bring along a lot of products. In the plane, my skin gets very dry because of the air so I will always use hydrating products such as Skin Inc’s Pure Serum Mist which I will apply before and after my makeup. Another product that I must bring when I’m travelling is facial masks. Also, I pack along aloe vera that I’ve personally cut up myself whenever I’m going to the beach or a place where I can easily get sunburn.”

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