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It Ingredient List: The Soothing And Calming Ingredients That'll Save Irritated Skin

In this column, we spotlight under-the-radar skincare ingredients that ought to be in your regime.

When it comes to picking out beauty products, most of us tend to gravitate towards stronger, more potent serums that are infused with powerful ingredients like retinol and lactic acid. While these serums are integral in any skincare collection, it is also key to incorporate products that are meant to soothe, calm and hydrate your skin.

Our skin condition can be easily altered by many different factors. There’s pollution, where we are constantly exposed to hidden – and harmful – airborne pollutants that may weaken our skin’s barrier, and our hectic and stress-induced lifestyles. With the availability of numerous beauty products and treatments, we tend to experiment with many different products and dermatological treatments to sieve out the ones that best suit our skin.

Thus, it is critical to ensure that one has the right soothing and calming products to treat the complexion when need be. Personally, I prefer looking for the right skincare ingredients. Besides cica (or centella asiatica) and aloe vera, there are many other calming and healing ingredients that give the same skin-healing benefits.

First up, panthenol. Yes, it does sound a little intimidating but essentially, panthenol is a derivative of vitamin B5 and behaves as a humectant (it retains moisture really well) for all-day hydration. It also helps to strengthen skin’s barrier function so that it becomes more resistant to harmful external aggressors that may damage your complexion further, and boasts soothing properties.

Another ingredient to note: madecassoside, which is a derivative of centella asiatica. Just like the latter, madecassoside features anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritated complexions. Additionally, it is known to be an antioxidant and helps to increase collagen synthesis for plumper, suppler skin. If these may sound a little foreign to you, calendula might be more familiar. It is derived from the calendula flower and is super gentle and saturated with a host of antioxidants to protect and calm the skin.

Above, some beauty buys powered by the above mentioned ingredients.

Panthenol: Aesop In Two Minds Facial Toner, $75
Ideal for those with combination skin types, this toner is infused with niacinamide and panthenol to soothe and balance complexions. Panthenol: La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5, $21.90
Powered by panthenol, shea butter and glycerin, this works to hydrate, heal and protect aggravated skin. It has a balmy texture and melts quickly and feels like nothing (read: no greasiness or tackiness) on the skin.  Bonus: it can be used on minor scrapes and cuts to form a protective barrier. Panthenol: Etude House Soon Jung 5.5 Relief Toner, $28.90
The K-beauty brand’s Soon Jung line was created specifically for women with sensitive and irritable complexions. This fast-absorbing toner is formulated with 90 per cent plant derivative ingredients and panthenoside to strengthen skin protein, making it the perfect solution to restore skin to its natural healthy balance, providing skin with enough moisture. Madecassoside: Codage Pre-Treatment Toning Lotion, $70, Escentials
Concentrated in vitamin B3 and madecassoside, this weightless lotion encourages skin repair and cellular renewal. It is also made with a low concentration of AHAs and BHAs to gently exfoliate, remove impurities and loosen dead cells to immediately improve the tone and radiance of the skin. Madecassoside: CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack, $48.90
Made with propolis extract, this overnight sleeping mask strengthens skin’s barrier function and improves skin’s elasticity while you sleep. It also penetrates deeply into all skin layers to maintain sebum and moisture balance for a healthy complexion. Madacassoside neutralises inflammation and protects skin against environmental damage. Madecassoside: Medicube Red SOS Modeling Capsule Pack, $20
Besides madecassoside, this soothing home spa modeling mask contains tea tree leaf extract, centella asiatica extract and calamine to hydrate, calm and relieve troubled skin. Calendula: Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, $59
Besides calendula, the toner has corn mint oil that leaves a cooling sensation to soothe minor irritations; as well as panthenol, lavender extract, ivy extract, allantonin and burdock root work, which work together to leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth. It also has 93 petals, each hand-picked whole and hand-inserted into the product to retain its freshness and optimal efficacy. Calendula: Kora Organics Gentle Cleanser, $43
This is saturated with noni fruit, chamomile and calendula extracts that work together with avocado oil to soothe and calm your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. It gently cleanses without over-drying or irritating the skin, removes makeup, relieves redness, and keeps skin plump and hydrated. Calendula: Aprilskin Real Calendula Peel Off Pack, $23
These pre-soaked toner pads gently buff away daily impurities to reveal brighter, polished skin. It is fortified with 80 per cent real calendula water to balance, hydrate, soothe and provide anti-bacterial benefits. Main image: