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According to a study conducted by Philips last year, 65 per cent of women around the world are styling their hair everyday. And split ends are a massive concern with women globally, coming in second only to hair loss.

How do we get split ends?

When we typically blow dry, brush, flat-iron or curl our hair, the mechanical damage (from tugging) as well as the heat damage that comes with constant hair styling is one of the biggest reasons we end up with split ends.

To address this, Philips has released their Sublime Ends hair styling range, consisting of the Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler ($79), a large 38mm barrel curler, and the Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends straightener ($109). The range promises to reduce the amount of split ends caused by styling tools by up to 95 percent.

Elodie Delassus, the product designer behind the range at Philips Amsterdam, shared with me that many hair styling tools like straighteners typically lose heat as you move the tongs from root to ends, meaning that you end up having to go over the same section of hair several times to achieve the effect you want. This results in excessive heat damage, as well as mechanical damage from harsh tugging on your hair.

How this new range of stylers helps prevent split ends

To counter this damage, the Sublime Ends devices are designed to reduce the occurrence of split ends with the introduction of SplitStop Technology, which combines optimised heat performance and minimised friction to reduce both heat and mechanical damage. The devices have a temperature sensor that ensures the heat throughout the device remains constant the entire time you’re styling your hair meaning you no longer have to go over sections repeatedly. The plates are also made from a smoother keratin-enriched ceramic material that glides across hair more easily to prevent hair cuticle damage.

The Sublime Ends Curler has eight temperature settings that go up to 200 degrees Celsius while the straightener has 11 settings going up to 230 degrees, both of which give you better control with adjusting the temperature for your hair type.

What temperature should you be using to style your hair?

Trichologist Leonica Kei recommends that anyone with very fine or porous damaged hair keep their styling tools to heat settings of about 160 degrees Celsius. For coarse, thick hair, a higher heat setting of about 200 to 210 degrees can be used, and for the those with healthy medium textured hair, the ideal temperature is 185 degrees. She also advises that we should refrain from going as high as 220 or 230 degrees Celsius as we risk destroying the keratin in our hair and causing even more damage. Heat settings aside, it’s also important when styling your hair to make sure you don’t leave the barrel or straightener on the same spot for too long, and to keep the tool moving across the surface of your hair to avoid overheating it.

The curler has a barrel 30 percent longer than previous Philips models, and the straightener has 105mm plates which make styling a much quicker affair since you can tackle more hair at a time, which is perfect for anyone with long hair.

The Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler ($79) and the Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends straightener ($109) are available at leading major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected authorized dealers. For more information, visit

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