skincare launches

Modern life is stressful. Sure, a lot of it comes from #firstworldproblems (hello, Uber price hikes), but the daily grind also means it’s easier to become susceptible to stress- or pollution-based skin flare-ups: cue redness, irritation and signs of premature ageing. To combat this, the Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive ($120) boasts an ampoule made of 98 per cent pure antioxidants to fight damage, as well as a trio of probiotics that reportedly soothe, repair and strengthen skin. To be used daily for a month, it’s supposed to calm and treat all skin woes, while leaving a fresher visage. We tested it for a month and it left our eczema-prone complexion softer, smoother and stronger. The best part, it got rid of all patchy redness so our skin was even-toned and glowing.

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