irritated complexions

Stress is inevitable, and not only does it take a toll on your health and well-being, it also affects your skin. Besides the common #FirstWorldProblems, being outdoors in a crowded environment can also cause irritated complexions. We get it though — there are just that many fun events going on, what with Baybeats that just wrapped up, the Singapore Night Festival, F1 drawing near and, all these cool parties taking place. Our skin is likely to be affected as we are constantly exposed to harmful external aggressors that can alter skin health. To prevent stress and irritated complexions, it’s important to add these steps to your regime to ensure the skin stays healthy as you go about your busy life. Pro tips, below.

Use soothing and calming products

I love products that help calm my skin. They are super gentle yet uber effective, and don’t break me out, which is of course, the last thing you’ll want when your skin is already irritated, red and itchy. Look for products with calming ingredients such as centella asiatica and calendula.

Strengthen your skin barrier function

When you are exposed to harmful aggressors, your skin barrier will definitely be compromised. It’s important to strengthen it so you are less prone to unnecessary breakouts, which is something many of us do not want. We recommend the products above.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Stressed skin often leads to dry, irritable complexions so moisturising is definitely key. Besides using your regular moisturiser, opt for hydrating serums and toners to up your game.

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