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Sunday Riley On Her Eponymous Cult Beauty Brand And More

We all know and love the American skincare brand for its fast-acting, effective formulas and quirky product names. But what do we know about the founder of this eponymous cult beauty brand? We got Sunday Riley herself to share her personal skincare routine, the inspiration behind the names of her products and more.

On how the brand name was formed

Sunday Riley (SR): “It’s my name and a lot of times people don’t know that. The brand launched in September 2009 but when I presented the brand back then, it was an unnamed concept and the buyer at Barney’s (which was our first retailer) said that she would take the brand but insisted that it had my name on it. I didn’t actually want that for a lot of reasons but she said that people really liked that connection. I also realised that if I put my name on it, and if I ever sold the brand, I would be selling the rights to my name and I was never gonna do that. I really thought it over and I finally decided that I wanted it.”

On how the brand stands out from the many brands widely available now

SR: “I think that we have an amazing word-of-mouth type of growth. People try the products they are curious about and then when they see the results themselves, they share that with their friends and family – that’s really how we grew very quickly. It is a very natural and organic following. ”

The inspiration behind the names of the products

SR: “Different products have different inspiration sources but the brand and the products itself are very serious. They work efficiently, they’re high-tech and you see results right away. And the packaging is serious on purpose because we want people to feel confident when they use it but in order to make it less intimidating, it’s fun to have whimsical names to make it just a little bit more relatable and takes down the fear factor so it’s more approachable.”