What’s behind the name Supergoop!

Amanda Baldwin (AB): “I think that the brand is all about protecting the skin and 90 per cent of the signs of ageing come from the sun and then the other 10 per cent comes from other environmental aggressors from around us. All of our products are easy to fit into your routine and we only use clean ingredients that feel really good on the skin so I think everybody should have at least one product in their routine. We are also about options that fit whatever one’s lifestyle is.”

What are some of the harmful effects of UV rays that many women are not aware of?

AB: Basically – without scaring anybody too much – everything that we don’t like about our skin comes from the sun. So wrinkles, dark spots – all those things that we associate with ageing are sort of the beauty aspect of it. But actually, our brand was created by the health aspect of it. So UVA and UVB rays cause skin cancer, which is one of the more common types of cancer. While we don’t really talk about it from a marketing point of view, it is the reason why this brand was created.

Everyday Sunscreen, $28
Unseen Sunscreen, $48
Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45, $45

Three must-have products from the brand

AB: “We really believe that everybody needs a basic product in their morning routine to protect their skin from the sun so I’d recommend the Unseen Sunscreen, which is just a great way to keep your skincare and makeup routine the way you love it and it just slides right in between. We also believe that every woman needs something to reapply her SPF throughout the day so the Invincible Setting Powder is great. And lastly, a product for your body like our Everyday Sunscreen as your hands and arms are constantly exposed when you’re outside.”

What’s in Supergoop’s formula that does not leave skin feeling sticky

AB: “It’s all in the chemistry and the SPF magic to figure out how to have all the ingredients play well and nicely in a formula. I think we were one of the first brands to come out with a product that does that and that’s all we do every single day. Finding the right chemist and blend of ingredients is key to getting the right level of SPF that you need but also a formula that’s not too sticky.”

How is the brand safe for people with sensitive skin

AB: “Firstly, many people think they are sensitive to sunscreen because of the chemical called oxybenzone, which is in the vast majority of suncare products. We were the first to remove it over 10 years ago. We never and will never use it as it is the number one skin irritant so this perception of sunscreen that’s not suitable for irritable complexions is probably associated with that. But if you have very sensitive skin, we would recommend that you try a mineral formula because that just sits on top of the skin.”

The difference between PA and SPF

AB: “SPF is the measure of your UVB protection so that means the burning rays and all the things that we usually associate with the sun. PA or broad spectrum is the measure of UVA rays  (this causes skin ageing) so you really want to be looking at both.”

Sunscreen mistakes many women make

AB: “Not applying enough. We always say to apply generously and to always reapply. A lot of people think they are all set in the morning but it’s really not enough. You should always reapply at least every two hours.”

One skincare advice

AB: “Wear SPF. But apart from that, I think that everybody applies products that work best for them but I think having a great cleanser and taking off your makeup every night is so important. Exfoliation is really important too.”

Favourite product from the brand

AB: “The Defense Refresh Setting Mist is definitely my favourite because I think it just makes reapplying so easy, it smells really good and I always feel good about myself. I love the Matte Screen too. I usually use it on the weekends without any makeup over it to blur out imperfections. It makes you feel like a better version of yourself.”

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