kiko mizuhara

kiko mizuhara
Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in #456 Dior Pretty and #426 Lovely-D, $50 each

Favourite makeup

“I love lip makeup. Currently, I like to mix the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in #456 and #426 together, and apply it with a dabbing motion using my fingers.”

Best skincare tip

“I try to apply products slowly and take my time. For example, when I use a toner, I’ll apply it and then leave it until it’s totally absorbed before moving on to my serum. The same goes for the rest of my skincare. I’ll spend time on this because my mum told me that if you apply your skincare too fast, it won’t work as well. I feel like my complexion is more hydrated when I take my time and it’s also really easy.”

What she loves the most about makeup

“The most exciting thing about makeup is that you can transform into a different personality with different looks. The essense of makeup is to try different products and enjoying the process.”

What’s in her makeup bag

“I have lipsticks, a concealer and a colour correcting base. I always the colour corrector under the concealer, it really makes a difference.”

Her makeup regime

“I usually do my makeup in five minutes. First, I’ll curl my lashes and apply mascara. Then I’ll do my brows. Concealing is very important to me. I’ll put a colour correcting base first, followed by the concealer on top. I’ll end off with a lipstick. My routine is so easy I usually just do my makeup in taxis.”

What made her fall in love with makeup

“I first applied makeup when I was only about three or four years old. My mum was a flight attendant at American Airlines, and she used to always apply red lipstick. When I was young, I would sneak into her makeup pouch and just go crazy on my face with her lipstick.”

kiko mizuhara
Dior Capture Youth Plump Filler Age-Delay Plumping Serum, $152

Skincare she can’t live without

“I’m always using different products all the time. But when my skin looks tired, I’ll apply the Dior Capture Youth Plumping Serum. I can actually see the results on my face.”

Her beauty role models

“Bella Hadid, she knows all the best beauty tips and she always looks stunning. I also love the drag queen Violet Chachki. She is one of my favourite beauty icons.”