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This New Aesthetic Clinic Is A One-Stop Destination For All Your Beauty Woes

It may not even be a year old, but SW1 Clinic's new holistic and collaborative approach to aesthetic practices will change the way you choose your next facial or body treatment. Here, we talk to the founder, Dr. Low Chai Ling where she shared more about the treatments to try, the skincare products to have and more.

new aesthetic clinicIt is a global wellness village with an open door concept

Dr. Low Chai Ling (LCL): “Firstly, our “consultation rooms” are created like a living room for maximum comfort. Instead of having one doctor, we are able to bring in several doctors for the patient to consult. We find that it is a more collaborative approach. The kind of therapy and diagnosis has always been dependant on who you visit and limited by the resources of the doctor and that sometimes is not the optimum way to go. We have everything from plastic surgeons to skincare experts so if you have an aesthetic issue such as droopy eyelids, you can consult with different types of doctors to see which treatment you prefer.”

A unique treatment only the clinic has

LCL: “I’d say the one that is quite unique is the BB Aqua Touch. It is a laser that makes your skin even better. It brings your skin from normal to amazing. Basically, it gives you a photoshop effect and this is something new because previously, lasers have always been used to treat specific problems. We use this BB Aqua Touch in our Baby Skin programme and combine red light and pearl eclat, which is being pushed into the skin using sound waves. It works to stimulate collagen production, create micro-channels into the skin so ingredients penetrate much better and make you fairer too.”

On the Vitamin Therapy

LCL: “So the great thing about the Vitamin Therapy is that it is actually customised for your skin. The nurses will wheel in a cart consisting of five to six test tubes of vitamins A, B, C, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, and glutathione. They will then evaluate your skin and pick a combination of vitamins that is suitable. People who do vitamin A are the ones who have drier skin and wants anti-ageing benefits. B is very good for acne and redness while C helps to boost radiance and also heals. The coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, and glutathione are base ingredients used in the Vitamin Therapy. However, not all three are used in every treatment. It really depends on the situation.”